Firefly supply a range of injection moulded semi-rigid polypropylene shells. Mathematically designed average MLA height.


The Dragon Fly insole is designed to replace a removable insole. It combines a soft, cushioned top cover that extends to the end of your toes and fills the shoe for a better fit. The Dragon Fly Insole is great for general foot fatigue, ankle leg and lower back pain.


This tri-laminated insole comes with a semi-rigid polypropylene shell. The shell is laminated between a top and bottom cover. The top cover to the toes provides shock absorption, with the bottom cover adding additional comfort and proper shoe fit.


The purpose of the shell is to relieve general fatigue, ankle, leg & lower back pain.  With just the right amount of support the Butter Fly is great for active individuals. An excellent choice for tighter fitting dress and sport shoes without removable insoles.