Alaa Razak visits Firefly Orthoses

In recent days we welcomed London Podiatrist, Alaa Razak to Firefly Orthoses’ HQ and Lab.

About Alaa

Alaa’s Kensington Podiatry clinic is part of the Smart Medical Group, located at Brompton Cross (South Kensington). There she specialises in gait analysis, MSK podiatry, lower limb acupuncture and manipulation.

Raza and the Fireflies

Alaa and the Fireflies

Alaa is also based in University Hospital Lewisham were she completes Musculoskeletal Outpatient clinics and holds position as the Student Clinical Co-ordinator.

We’d like to thank Alaa for visiting us, we look forward to welcoming her back again soon, if we don’t see you in London first, Alaa!

Come visit Firefly Orthoses

If you are interested in visiting Firefly Orthoses’ Lab you can find further information here.  You can email [email protected] expressing you interest in visiting us and we’ll help coordinate your trip.