The Patient

A 28-year-old male footballer with a history of Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome.

On examination patient also has a Pes Plano Valgus foot type complicated by soft tissue ankle equinus bilaterally.

The devices must fit his football boots.

Prescribed Orthotic Type

Soccer Sport Device: a slimline sports device with superior durability, incorporating an hourglass grind for football boots or similar sport footwear. See prescription form below.


Lab Standard Description

  • Semi-rigid XT Sprint shell material. XT Sprint is a polygraphite that allows for a deep heel cup, extreme flexibility, is light weight, with low profile, making  it ideal for active patients.
  • 10mm heel cup- as it reduces bulk at the heel, there is less likelihood of slipping from the shoe.
  • Hourglass shell grind- this shell grind is done to the shape of the football boot. We would recommend sending in a template to ensure fit.

    Firefly Soccer Sport Device

  • 1.5 Nyplex fore-foot extension to toes- this offers extra cushioning across the metatarsal heads; however, this can be removed if other forefoot extensions are added to reduce bulk.
  • 1.5 Puff top cover- high durability and thin
  • WSL Carbon bottom cover- high durability and thin
  • Thin durasole strike plate- thin to reduce bulk

Optional Specs and Posting, Additions and Modifications

Puff top cover: offers cushioning, is durable, this surface helps keep the foot stable within footwear, easy to clean.

Agoflex: selected in this instance for the materials durability in the context of wear and tear of a athletic/sports footwear.

Post to calcaneal vertical – correcting the cast to align the calcaneal into a vertical position.

1st met cut out – this shell modification located under the 1st metatarsal-phalangeal joint at the distal-medial aspect of the shell. This design feature allows for increased plantarflex of the 1st ray and the pronation of the forefoot with the goal of achieving a greater toe-off and conversely a better heel-strike.

Narrow Shell Grind – this comes as lab standard on the Soccer Sport device and his stated on the prescription for to highlight this feature of the device.