Firefly exhibit Richie Brace at i-FAB 2016

I-FAB 2016 conference takes place this week in Berlin (23rd-25th June). i-FAB is an international collaborative community made up of those interested in foot and ankle biomechanics.  This year i-FAB partners with Foot International 2016 which will see three major professional societies come together and stage each of their respective conferences concurrently, at one location.

The Foot International 2016 event runs until Saturday, 25th June with a full schedule of events. Click the button here to access the FI2016 programme overview. This pdf document goes into some depth, outlining all lectures, workshops, seminars and courses.  Even if you are not attending this event, the overview offers an insight as to the direction current scientific foot and ankle research and practices are pointing.

The three are:

  • i-FAB (International Foot & Ankle Biomechanics Society),
  • EFAS (European Foot & Ankle Society) and
  • DAF (German Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society).

At I-FAB 2016, Firefly Orthoses will be focusing on promoting our Richie Brace range of AFOs.  Firefly Orthoses distribute these devices and provide technical support to podiatrists across the UK, Ireland and further afield.

About the Richie Brace

The Richie Brace was introduced to the medical community in 1996 and has proven remarkably successful in the non-operative treatment of a number of foot and ankle pathologies.

The Richie Brace is a custom ankle brace (ankle foot orthoses) designed to treat chronic conditions of the foot and ankle. Introduced to the medical community in 1996, The Richie Brace® has revolutionised the non-operative approach to the most challenging pathologies treated by the foot and ankle specialist With a contoured balanced orthotic footplate articulated to adjustable semi-rigid lower leg uprights, the Richie Brace® is ideally suited to stabilize rotational forces at the Midtarsal Subtalar and Talo-Crural joints. Modifications and enhancements are available to add further restrictions of motion in sagittal, frontal and transverse plane.

To find out more about the Richie Brace AFO range and to view the Richie Brace catalogue visit our Richie Brace product page. Here you’ll find videos about casting for Richie Brace and other related information.

To keep up to date with Firefly at i-FAB 2016 follow our twitter account  Click the button below to access the Richie Brace order form and other Firefly custom made orthoses order forms.