Product Guarantees

Polypropylene, PA11 [3D-printed] and Carboplastic shells are guaranteed against breakage for the functional life of the device – 3-5 years.

EVA orthoses are guaranteed against excessive compression for 6 months.

Covers, additions and posts are not guaranteed as individual body chemistry, weight and activity levels will cause wear at varying rates. Excessive wetness during specific activities will cause glue to perish and cause delamination of covers and additions.  Choose a naked 3DP shell in this case.

If a device is cracked/broken, please let us know immediately. We require that you send pictures of the breakage so that we can collectively discuss the warranty claim.

Please contact a member of our Technical Support team for assistance with any unsatisfactory case.


Visit SAOR for full details on our 3D printed shells.

 3d printed Polyamide products are guaranteed against breakage for up to 5 years.

Fascial grooves/ Sweet Spots

Placing fascial grooves or sweet spots can be difficult. Using Firefly’s Fusion App you can indicate exactly where these should be placed by marking the location on the patient’s foot before scanning.

Intolerances/incorrect positioning of fascial grooves or sweet spots will be remade within our standard six-month adjustment period or alternatively can be cushioned out with poron or filled up.


8 week free adjustment service

We change/adjust any orders that are received back in Firefly within 8 weeks of initial dispatch of the order from Firefly. This includes all additions, extensions, covers and limited shell modifications and postings.

Note: this does not cover a full re-make of any custom made orthoses.

6 Month Fit & Comfort Warranty

Minor adjustments to your original prescription for fit, function or comfort will be made at no charge within 6 months from date of shipping. Charges will apply for the addition of any new components or major changes to your original prescription.


Any modifications to a Firefly device shell by any third party will VOID all or any Firefly warranty.  Custom made foot orthoses can only withstand limited refurbishment over the product lifespan, and can cause premature deterioration of the shell structure.

We recommend a maximum of 3 modifications over the 5 year life span.

Firefly can carry out refurbishment and adjustments on non-Firefly devices.  However, all adjustments are done at your own risk.  We are not familiar with shell materials used by other labs and cannot guarantee that the integrity of the shell will be maintained during our standard lab processes.

Note:  Non-Firefly devices will incur a Special Delivery dispatch charge to ensure tracked and signed delivery.


Custom orthoses are NOT RETURNABLE FOR CREDIT. Each device is bespoke and fabricated according to specific prescription instructions detailed by the clinician.

The most common reasons for device intolerance or unsatisfactory therapeutic outcomes are:

Poor negative casts

Improper correction prescription

Inappropriate shoe gear and/or poor compliance with related treatment modalities

When patient compliance or the desired therapeutic outcome is not achieved, we are committed to working with you to identify the problem and create a solution.

Product Order & Dispatch

Our products are dispatched using Royal Mail’s First Class delivery service and are delivered within one to two working days.

Firefly Orthoses can offer alternative delivery options where required.

In an effort to keep costs down, we rely on Royal Mail to provide their service as stated.  However, there are occasional instances, beyond the control of Firefly, where delivery times are longer than stated. Therefore, orders are only considered lost in post 15 working days from the date of dispatch.

For customers in the Republic of Ireland, our products are dispatched using DPD Courier service and are delivered within 1-2 working days.


Standard Order:

  • 10-12 working days manufacture from receipt of order to dispatch*

Rush Order:

  • 7-9 working days manufacture from receipt of order to dispatch*

Courier Rush Order:

  • 3 working days manufacture (3-4 days for delivery)

Digital Order:

  • 10-12 working days from receipt of order to dispatch*

Richie Brace Order:

  • 4-6 weeks from receipt of order to dispatch*

Gauntlet/California AFO/Solid AFO Order:

  • 6-9 weeks from receipt of order to dispatch*

Manual Manufacture Order:

  • 4-6 weeks from receipt of order to dispatch*

** Please note: Incomplete prescription order forms will incur a cost and will cause a delay in the processing of an order.