Introducing the Richie Brace range of ankle foot orthoses to your podiatry practice can expand the range of therapies you offer, grow your patient base and add value and profit to your practice.

At Firefly’s clinical division in Ireland, we have successfully treated large numbers of patients suffering from a range of pathologies including Flatfoot and Dropfoot.

To increase your knowledge of the Richie Brace range – when to prescribe and which brace to prescribe, we have devised two simple documents:

  • Patient Evaluation
  • Treating Dropfoot

Click the buttons above to download the each of the documents. If you are unfamiliar with bracing therapy and would like to find out more about introducing the Richie Brace to your clinic, leave your details in the form below and one of our Technical Support Team will contact you. Visit our Richie Brace page here

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