Offloading orthoses

We have re-imagined our range of diabetic and RA specialised devices.

This range has been re-designed and presented with an updated order form to meet the needs of our profession treating the UK and Ireland’s ever-increasing diabetic population. In the UK close to 5 million people have diabetes with one person having a toe, foot or lower limb amputated every hour. The podiatry profession is playing an ever increasing role in treating diabetic patients from diabetic foot ulcer prevention to ulcer management to post-amputation.

Firefly is working closely with leading podiatrists who, on a daily basis are treating patients with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Through this partnership, the process of prescribing an offloading foot orthotic to meet the patient’s needs at the various stages of treatment – from preventative to ulceration and in remission was streamlined. Our research and consultation process shaped Firefly’s offloading range that now feature updated material combinations, including our sustainable 3D printed PA11 shell material.

We have replaced the old specialised device order form with a newly designed offloading orthoses form incorporating updated terminology. Request Firefly’s Offloading catalogue by completing the form below.

This improved form is more descriptive, detailing the default device specs within the order form itself, removing some of the barriers faced by prescribing podiatrists.

The updated terminology in the form reflect the progression in treating the diabetic population in recent years with terms such as Total Contact Medium Density EVA being adopted. This more descriptive use of language aligns the products closer with terminology frequently used by podiatrists prescribing for the diabetic population.

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