Firefly is excited to announce the launch of our own 3D Size Me scanning and prescription writing app.

Tech Med 3D’s 3D Size Me app is a hugely popular prescription writing and scanning app for iPad, used by many podiatrists on a daily basis when creating custom made foot orthoses prescriptions. The app is available across all iPad models and can be used along side the structure sensor scanning hardware.

Built in LiDAR Scanner

There is an added benefit to the latest iteration of the 3D Size Me app; the app harnesses the LiDAR scanner that is built into all new iPad Pro models. This means, podiatrists who use an iPad Pro can now scan patients feet without the requirement for a Structure Sensor scanner to be attached. The true depth LiDAR scanner uses the scanning technology built into the iPad Pro’s front facing camera – it can be used on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models too.

This front-facing camera technology was developed for facial recognition to unlock the iPad instead of requesting the user to enter a series of numbers as an unlocking password. This true depth camera technology can also be used to capture patient foot anatomy in the prescription of custom made foot orthoses. Podiatrists familiar with scanning using a Structure Sensor will notice a significant difference in that the LiDAR Scanner is front facing. The structure sensor scanner is located on the rear of the iPad while the LiDAR Scanner is positioned on the same side as the screen [front-facing]. This means the screen is facing the plantar aspect of foot when scanning. This might seem a little challenging, however, if the patient is appropriately positioned on a raised plinth the data capture process is quite simple as demonstrated in the video above.

The new Firefly 3D Size Me app does not replace our own FUSION scanning and prescription writing app but is an alternative for Firefly customers who wish to make the most of iPad Pros and iPhones for scanning and prescription writing.

How to access the Firefly 3D Size Me app.

The Firefly 3D Size Me app contains the Firefly order forms and allows the user to quickly capture patient anatomy, complete a Firefly prescription form and submit an order for manufacture.

To access the app, on your iPad, go to the App Store and search for 3D Size Me or follow this link to locate the app.

To load the Firefly version of the app where you can view the Firefly order forms, when the app loads on your device, tap the menu button at the top right of the screen and then tap settings on the menu that appears on the left. In the Bundle ID section type Firefly. By tapping the X button to close the settings window, the app will relaunch with Firefly branding and the Firefly order forms will be accessible.

Go Scannerless with Liberty

When using iPad Pro or iPhone 12 & 13 devices, you can harness the 3D Size Me’s Liberty scanning technology. This means you do not require a Structure Sensor. To do this, users need to select the liberty setting in the scan settings.

If you wish to find out more about Firefly’s 3D Size Me app, or if you have any questions, please submit them via the form below.