About Firefly

Firefly Orthoses have been designing, manufacturing and distributing custom made foot orthoses to the Podiatric profession since 2003.

As Firefly is directed and operated by Podiatrists, to meet the needs of the podiatric profession, our laboratory consistently achieves excellence in the standard of our devices. We manufacture orthotic devices from plaster cast moulds, bio foam impressions and digital foot scans.

This influences how we interact and support our customers throughout the process of prescribing Firefly’s orthoses. Our technical support department offers guidance and advice on all Firefly devices and on how specific devices interact with particular foot and ankle pathologies. See our Technical Support section for more on this.

About our manufacturing process…

Our orthoses are manufactured using advanced computer technology (CAD-CAM / computer aided design – computer aided manufacture). They are commonly used as a conservative therapeutic modality to not only treat painful conditions of the foot, lower extremity and lower back, but also to optimise the kinetics and kinematics of weight bearing activities so that future injuries can be avoided.

Each device is formed on a manually or digitally “dressed mould” of foot impressions sent to us (manually via vacuum forming thermoplastic or digitally via CNC milling). We do not use a ‘library’ of shapes or any variation of a pre-moulded shell. Firefly operates AOMS laser scanning of casts or impression boxes. This allows practitioners to choose traditional-standard or direct milled prescription foot orthoses. CAD-CAM direct milling of polypropylene blocks produces custom made prescription foot orthoses. CAD-CAM milling of positive models produces vacuum formed thermoplastic and carboplastic custom-made prescription foot orthoses.

Firefly uses a manual or state of the art automated fabrication stream, utilising Sharp Shape’s Automated Orthoses Manufacturing System (AOMS). AOMS consists of a cast scanner; digital corrections workstations and computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling equipment.

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