Registration for the webinar has closed but it will be available to watch on our website in the coming days.


Firefly Orthoses is delighted to announce a new webinar series, where some of the podiatry professions’ leading practitioners present clinical gold in short-form presentations. Each month we’ll bring you a live presentation that delves straight to the GOLD in quick time!

11 slides in 10 minutes, it’s Firefly Gold!

We want to give some of the best podiatrists from across the UK and Ireland a platform to showcase their skills and knowledge to benefit the wider profession – easily accessible via an online live webinar. Keep an eye on our website to discover who will be delivering each session, on what topic and when?

Zoe Wilson // April 9th – 1pm

First up on April 9th is Zoe Wilson. Zoe will deliver her gold on Adult Acquired Flat Foot & the Richie Brace. Zoe is the founder and owner of ZW Foot & Ankle, a busy Musculoskeletal Podiatry and Biomechanics clinic in Kendal, Lancashire.

The Richie Brace is a hugely popular ankle foot orthoses supplied by Firefly. It comes in either a custom foot plate or over the counter version and is commonly prescribed to treat adult acquired flat foot secondary to posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction, chronic degenerative arthritis of the ankle, and tendon injuries around the foot and ankle.