Firefly Orthoses: A Case Study

In the wake of Britain’s departure from the European Union, Firefly Orthoses has featured as an Atlantic Economic Corridor Brexit case study. Instead of dwelling on the negative impact, Firefly has focused on the business potentials that Brexit can bring.

Research and Development Department

Building upon the success of the Firefly Summit in 2017, the wheels of innovation are truly in motion in Firefly. Earlier this year we established our own Research and Development department, headed up by Jari Pallari PhD, who arrives at the company with a wealth of knowledge in orthotic product engineering and additive manufacturing.

As the case study highlights, this is a very exciting moment in Firefly Orthoses. With various opportunities in product design, podiatric education and training being developed, the company is looking toward a bright future despite the political uncertainty created by Brexit.

What is the Atlantic Economic Corridor (AEC)?

The AEC is the term applied to a non-administrative or “linear” region along the Irish Western seaboard, stretching from County Kerry to County Donegal. The AEC aims to build and increase collaboration within the region that maximises its assets, attracts investment and creates jobs and prosperity in the region.