Firefly Orthoses is Going Social

We’re embracing social media here at Firefly and we’d encourage you to ‘follow’, ‘like’ and ‘share’ with us across our various platforms. We’ll be posting news regularly on our website about our products, events and related topics. You can interact with us, posting questions, queries and comments about Firefly and our services to our various social media accounts. We’re always eager to hear your opinions. We’ll endeavour to provide you with informative content, relevant to the Podiatric profession. We’re always exploring new technologies and techniques that will enhance your ability to meet the needs of your patients. See our recent news item where Firefly’s medical director Martin Mc Geough demonstrated Sharp Shape’s 3D scanning technology in a clinic environment. Follow the links below to view our social media accounts. Firefly Orthoses on Facebook Firefly Orthoses on LinkedIn Firefly on Twitter