Firefly Webinar Special: Kevin Rosenbloom

The next Firefly Webinar Special takes place on the evening of Wednesday 15th of September from 8.00pm. We are delighted to present Sports Biomechanist Kevin B. Rosenbloom, CEO of Kevin Root Medical.

Evolutionary Mismatch

Kevin will present on the topic of Biomechanical Evolutionary Mismatch; a journey through time that explores how man has progressed from quadruped to bipod stance and how evolution has changed anatomical structure, lower limb development and the prevailing related diseases and injuries. Kevin will also explore how modern engineering (the development of roads and footwear) have impacted the lower limb over time.

This is a unique presentation that positions our profession in the context of human evolution; emphasising the important role podiatric medicine plays in the interpretation and understanding of human movement.

This is sure to be a very, very special evening – join us!

About Kevin B. Rosenbloom

Sports Biomechanist, foot ankle and lower extremity expert, speaker, empowers clinicians to help patients with sports performance, orthopaedic and biomechanical pathologies. Passionate about helping children at an early age learn about functional and best practices for healthy bodies and physical longevity. Passionate about helping people of all ages live a life of highest longevity. Pioneering functional orthopaedics. CEO and leads a team to provide the best foot orthoses, custom and non-custom shoe inserts and adaptive foot gear for humans in modern evolutionary mismatched environments globally.