Scanning the foot with the FUSION 3D scanning app

Scanning the foot with FUSION is incredibly easy and fast. Before you can scan with FUSION, you require three things;

  1. An active Firefly account – don’t have a Firefly account?
  2. An iPad with the FUSION app downloaded [download the app here]
  3. Structure Sensor scanning app [available from Amazon]

What are the benefits of FUSION?

Podiatrists who use the FUSON app report how they can see and treat more MSK patients in a day because of how fast the app allows them to capture patient foot anatomy! In comparison to plaster of paris casting, FUSION can shave up to 15 minutes off the consultation time. No more waiting for the plaster to dry, with FUSION you can scan the patient’s feet in 60 seconds.

Over time, the app will pay for itself, with no more need to keep a supply of plaster of paris or foam boxes in your clinic.

Ordering your Firefly custom foot orthoses via FUSION means, faster turn around times, easy to order second and subsequent sets or orthoses plus much, much more!

How can I introduce FUSION to my clinic?

Once you have opened your Firefly Orthoses account and have an iPad and Structure sensor you just need to contact Firefly to request your FUSION login details. We offer new FUSION users a training session via Zoom or Microsoft Teams to make sure they hit the ground running!

If you are interested in adding FUSION to your clinic, simply fill in the short form below and we’ll be in touch!