FUSION is Firefly’s all-in-one 3D foot scanning and prescription writing app for iPad. It is specifically designed for the podiatry profession.

FUSION is currently available from Apple’s App Store as a free download.

To login and begin using FUSION, you must have an active Firefly account and have been issued login credentials from Firefly.

If you wish to get set up and start using FUSION, click or tap the button below and we’ll get the ball rolling!


We applied our “for podiatrists, by podiatrists” mentality to design an app that will bring you real clinical efficiencies. The app contains unique features that positions it ahead of the competition. Let’s take a look:


View your order history and order status from your FUSION dashboard. No more calling our lab to see if your product has been shipped!

Order additional sets of orthoses with the touch of a button from the dashboard.


FUSION is compatible with both of Structure Sensor’s Mark I and Mark II scanning hardware. Capture your patient’s foot data in seconds.

Cast away your plaster of Paris, feel less impressed with your foam boxes – FUSION saves you time and money.

Prescription Writing

Quickly navigate Firefly’s order form in-app with clear and easy to use drop-down menus and tick boxes. No more paper or pdf prescription forms.

Favourites Template

Write your prescriptions faster with FUSION’s Favourites Templates. Save and re-call prescriptions you frequently use and tweak them to meet your patient’s needs. Giving you more time to treat your patients.


FUSION’s order form details the wide array of prescription options available to podiatrists that use Firefly Orthoses. There is not enough space to detail every addition and modification on our traditional paper order forms, but you can find everything on the FUSION app.


FUSION requires the Structure Sensor Mark 1 or Mark 2 scanning hardware.

The scanning hardware attaches to the iPad and enables the device’s camera to capture and save the anatomy of your patient’s foot.

Structure Sensor’s hardware can be purchased from the Structure Sensor website or Maker Point.

FUSION is not available for use with Android devices.


Not all iPads are compatible with FUSION.  There are two compatibility considerations (i) FUSION requires iOS 11.4 or later and (ii) iPads must be compatible with the range of Structure Sensors’ scanner brackets.

Structure Sensor does not supply brackets to attach their hardware for some older iPad models. We recommend users review Structure Sensor’s website to learn more about iPad compatibility.


A question frequently asked is; how do I position the patient’s foot when using FUSION?

We have created two demonstration videos explaining how Firefly Foot & Ankle Clinics podiatrists position the patient’s foot when using the app.

The first demonstrates capturing the foot with the patient in a prone position.

The second video demonstrates capturing the foot with the patient in a kneeling position:

In scenarios where the podiatrist requires complete control over the positioning of the foot, we advised the patient is cast using plaster of Paris, and the resulting negative impression scanned using FUSION.

When scanning a cast, it is important to make sure the medial land lateral edges of the cast are cut down to size – about 3cm-5cm from the plantar aspect of the cast – following the natural curve of the foot. See the images below. Cutting away the excess plaster allows the app to comprehensively scan all surfaces of the negative cast.

Cast cut down for scanning