How To Create Saved Favourites in FUSION

How To Create Saved Favourites in FUSION


Capturing patient foot anatomy via 3D scanning technology is becoming the norm for many of today’s podiatrists.

At Firefly, we developed the FUSION app, to capture patient foot anatomy using the iPad and Structure Sensor scanner hardware.


FUSION offers significant efficiencies including, but not limited to: speeding up the prescription process, reducing orthotic turn-around times,  eliminating the need to stock foam boxes and/or plaster of paris.

Unique to the FUSION app is the functionality build-in to the app for the user to create prescription templates that can be called on to increase the prescription process.


Many podiatrists have go-to prescriptions for a device type. That’s to say, if a podiatrist is prescribing a sport custom made foot orthotic for a football boot, they might find they get best results when prescribing a full length, XT Sprint shell material with narrow shell grind, with puff top cover and 2 millimetre heel lift. The prescription can be recorded in FUSION as a saved favourite and called on with the touch of a button.

When a saved favourite is used, the podiatrist can make adjustments and change any element of the prescription to meet a particular patients need.

In simple terms, the saved favourites allows you to very quickly load a template prescription which you can tweak as required.