All Firefly Orthoses devices are finished with a top cover.  The top cover serves a number of purposes; adding comfort for the patient and improving the aesthetic look of the finished orthotic device.

The context in which the patient intends to wear the orthotic will have a bearing on the most suitable type of top cover.

This article lists all Firefly’s available top covers, detailing the characteristics of each one and how they can best meet the needs of your patient.

There are many top covers to consider and with this in mind we provide this in-depth guide to each top cover offered for Firefly custom made orthoses.

If you have any further queries regarding our top covers or any other aspect of our devices, please contact us by emailing .


[Default top cover for Firefly moulds orthotics, Low Profile, Sport, Impact, Sport and Soccer Sport devices].

Thickness: 1.5mm / 3mm

Colour: black, blue, pink swirl, blue swirl, blue/green tricolour, crayon camo (red/yellow/blue/green), green/purple camo.


  • versatile
  • durable
  • some cushioning
  • variety of colours
  • popular cover for sports
  • grippy
  • not too bulky
  • wipeable

Tip: not recommended for hot, sweaty feet.

Puff colour selections


[Default top cover for Firefly Standard Functional and Men’s Dress devices]

Thickness: 1mm

Colour: black, blue.


  • economical
  • durable
  • wipeable
  • thin

Tip: If requested to toes, ensure to add a stiff bottom cover. Agoflex works well in combination with vinyl top cover.

Vinyl, blue


Thickness: 1mm

Colour: black, natural, perforated tan,

Characteristics and uses:

  • as leather is a natural material it responds well to body heat
  • it is both durable and breathable
  • aesthetically, it looks really smart on dress devices.

Tip: Leather top cover and Agoflex bottom cover combine well together. This results in a very durable device with added stiffness and minimal bulk.
Tip: Not recommended for patients with excessive moisture as it can wear very quickly.
If a patient has hyperhidrosis (excessively sweaty feet) then top covers must be given careful consideration. In such cases, please make a note on the Firefly prescription form.

Leather, black

Natural leather

Perforated Leather

WSL Carbon

Thickness: 1mm

Colour: black/silvery

Characteristics and uses:

  • Extremely durable/wears well
  • thin top cover option when you need to reduce bulk
  • wipeable
  • aesthetically good

Tip: If requesting WSL Carbon on a full length device ensure to add a stiff bottom cover. Agoflex is ideal to stiffen the forefoot of full length devices.

Tip: It may be somewhat slippy when used for sporting activities where the patient is frequently stopping and starting such as tennis or football.

WSL Carbon


Thickness: 1mm

Colour: black/beige

Characteristics and uses:

  • Durable / wears well
  • thin top cover option when you need to reduce bulk
  • wipeable

Tip: If requesting WSL Black on a full length device ensure to add a stiff bottom cover. Agoflex is ideal to stiffen the forefoot of the full length device.

WSL black

WSL beige


Default top cover for Firefly Ladies Dress devices.

Thickness: 1mm

Colour: black, brown, camel, taupe, beige.

Characteristics and uses:

  • very thin
  • natural material
  • good variety of natural colours
  • offers good grip – does not cause orthotic to slide in patient’s shoe.

Tip: Good for use in palliative devices where pressure release is needed. For example, on a RA Soft Mould – using Microsuede combined with Poron /slow release Poron provides effective off loading and accommodation.



Default top cover for Firefly Standard Sport devices.

Thickness: 3mm

Colour: black, blue.

Characteristics and uses:

  • provides comfort
  • good durability
  • cushioning and shock absorbing
  • breathable
  • great for sporting activities

Tip: If you require something thinner but similar to Neoprene, opt for 1.5mm Bamboolon instead.

Neoprene, black.


Thickness: 1.5mm / 3mm

Colour: grey

Characteristics and uses:

  • Laminated Neolon fabricated from activated bamboo charcoal
  • Anti-microbial and deodorising characteristics
  • Absorbs and disperses sweat quickly
  • Long wearing and breathable
  • Cushioning and shock absorbing – similar to Neoprene
  • ‘Trainer liner’ like top cover providing ‘grip’
  • Great for use in sporting activities



Thickness: 1.5/3mm/6mm/9mm

Colour: Pink

Characteristics and uses:

  • Polyethylene foam
  • suited to low activity diabetic and arthritic cushioning
  • shock absorbing
  • versatile
  • lightweight



Thickness:  in pink 1.5/3mm/6mm

Thickness: in black, 1.5mm

Characteristics and uses:

  • similar to Plastazote
  • suited to low activity diabetic and arthritic
  • high-tech material
  • wears well – alternative to Plastazote
  • Suited to low activity diabetic and arthritic devices
  • cushioning
  • shock absorbing

P-Cell, black and pink


Thickness: 2mm / 3mm

Thickness: Red

Characteristics and uses:

  • Hygienic, as a result of closed cellular surface
  • Outstanding bedding in shock absorbing characteristics
  • suited to low activity diabetic and arthritic devices – for use with fragile skin conditions, extremely sensitive feet and significant fatty pad atrophy
  • Similar to slow release Puff/P-Cell
  • Less dense than Puff.

Aero Sorb


Thickness: 2mm / 3mm

Thickness: Light blue

Characteristics and uses:

  • Exceptionally soft light cellular rubber
  • Low compression with excellent shape memory
  • Similar to Nyplex
  • Cushioning
  • Suited to low activity diabetic and arthritic devices – for use on feet requiring substantial cushioning and significant shock absorption.
  • Used as a cushioning mid layer (not suitable for top / bottom cover)

Tip: Combine Aero Sorb and Astro Form for superior cushioning and shock absorption.

Astro Form


Thickness: 1.5mm / 3mm

Colour: Black

Default bottom cover on Impact Sport device ,Moulds and RA Soft Mould.

Suitable for mid layer and bottom cover only. Nyplex offers too much grip to be used as a top cover.

Characteristics and uses:

  • Good cushioning
  • Shock absorption

Tip: It is the closest material to silicone. If an accommodation needs back fill especially on the medial or lateral border sometimes it is better to opt for Nyplex instead of silicone, as silicone can squeeze out and does not glue or adhere well.

Cons: Not suitable as a top cover, as it is too grippy it will ‘take your socks off’. It is also known to attract dirt.

Nyplex, black


Thickness: 1.5mm / 3mm

Colour: Beige

All of the above covers can be combined with Poron for added cushioning.


Thickness: 1mm

Colour: white

Shiny on one side, fabric on the other side.
Used as a bottom cover only to stiffen top  covers.

Characteristics and uses:

  • Stiff/robust
  • Durable/wears well
  • Excellent for use on bottom cover

Tip: Combine with carbon shells (e.g. XT Sprint, TL) as an excellent bottom cover.

Tip: Full length devices with thin top covers combine with Agoflex bottom cover to stiffen the forefoot and keep devices low profile.

Tip: Do not use Agoflex as a bottom cover with a thin top cover if the patient has met head problems or if there are met pads added, as patient may find forefoot extensions hard. [To be carefully considered in combination with additional information from the clinician/prescription.]


Quick Guide to Firefly’s Top Covers


Puff                           1.5/3.0mm          – black, blue, pink swirl, blue swirl, blue green tri, crayon camo, purple green camo.

Vinyl                        1mm                        – black, blue

Leather                    1mm                        – black, natural, perforated tan,

Microsuede            1mm                        – black, brown, taupe, camel, beige

WSL Carbon          1mm                        – black

Neoprene              3mm                        – black, blue

Bamboolon          1.5/3.0mm               – grey

Plastazote              1.5/3.0mm             – pink, black

P-Cell                      1.5/3.0mm             – pink

P-Cell                     1.5mm                      – black

Aero Sorb              1.5/3.0mm               – red


Poron                      1.5/3.0mm          – black

Nyplex                     1.5/3.0mm         – black

Astro Form            1.5/3.0mm          – light blue


Agoflex                     1mm                        – white

Vinyl                         1mm                        – black, blue

Puff                           1.5mm                    – black, blue, swirl, blue green tri, crayon camo, purple green, blue swirl

Nyplex                     1.5mm                     – black

Microsuede             1mm                        – black, brown, taupe, camel, beige

HD Eva                    1mm                        – black