This is a custom-made medical device created from anatomical foot and ankle impressions submitted to Firefly by a prescribing practitioner.

Purpose and Benefits: 

Custom made foot orthoses are tailored specifically to an individual person’s foot anatomy to provide effective treatment of painful conditions of the foot, lower extremity and lower back.  Continued use helps to prevent further injury through optimising biomechanics.  Made for the exclusive use of an individual patient and designed to be worn in footwear against the foot.

Fitting orthoses to footwear: 

Each device is labelled Right or Left and inserted into appropriate footwear. Depending on the footwear shape and volume the orthotic may need adjustment to establish optimum comfort while wearing.  Where the inner liner of a shoe is easily removed this may be sufficient to achieve the correct fit.

Wearing orthoses: 

  • It is important to follow a gradual break-in period to feel fully comfortable wearing orthoses. Initial mild foot, ankle, leg, hip or back ache is common, and this will gradually disappear as your body alignment adjusts.
  • On the first 3 days wear them for 1 hour each day while standing and walking only. Add an additional hour of wear each subsequent day until you can comfortably wear your orthoses all day.  Do not wear your orthoses in the first week while playing sports, during workouts or other strenuous physical activity. During the second week of wear slowly incorporate these activities.  Continued daily wear is recommended unless instructed by your practitioner.
  • Multiple use item: Orthotics are designed and intended to be reused and worn daily
  • The functional life of an orthotic is 3-5 years. Wear and tear varies greatly depending on patient weight, lifestyle and physical activity.


If you have followed this advice and your symptoms persist, worsen, or you develop other pain or blistering then cease wearing the orthoses and contact your prescribing clinician.

Custom made orthotics are made for the exclusive use of one patient.  Do not wear someone else’s orthotics, and do not allow someone else to wear your orthotics, as they will not fit another person’s foot shape.

If over a prolonged period of time you develop pain or significant discomfort, contact your prescribing podiatrist for review of your foot health and orthotic requirements


  • They are a non-sterile device, and the user is required to maintain and clean their devices
  • Clean your orthotics with a warm damp cloth and let air dry. Do not use a very wet cloth
  • Do not submerge them in water or machine wash orthotics as excessive water may cause material layers to delaminate adhesive particles and come apart
  • Do not expose your orthotics to excessive heat ie. Dryer, heater, fireplace etc
  • Always wear socks/stockings with your orthotics
  • Place talcum powder in your shoe under the orthotic if it squeaks while you walk. 


General wear and tear is expected with repeated wear of your orthotics.  The functionality and support structure of the shell will be maintained, but the softer materials combined with moisture from the feet, moisture from the external environment, will compress and degrade.  Refurbishment of orthotics can be carried out by the manufacturer.  Contact your prescribing clinician for this.


Dispose of in general waste.  Polypropylene can be recycled but must be cleaned and have other components removed from the shell.  Refer to your local facilities.


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