Firefly Founder and Medical Director Martin Mc Geough will be among the speakers at October’s Firefly MSK Workshop where he will deliver his prescription writing pearls of wisdom.

The workshop is enrolling now with limited places remaining. Martin brings almost 30 years experience in both clinical practice and, orthotic design and manufacture. During the workshop he will break down the orthotic prescription writing process into practical, digestible blocks that you can action on returning to your clinic. Translating a diagnosis and captured patient foot data into an effective orthotic prescription can be a difficult path to navigate when you are unfamiliar with the process. At October’s workshop, learn the key elements of prescription writing and how the podiatrist should think of themselves as a designer of the foot orthotic, in the prescription process.

The event is enrolling now with limited spaces remaining.


The Firefly MSK Workshop is a one-day theoretical and practical CPD event with the aim of up-skilling and building clinical knowledge. It is a day designed to provide podiatrists with the confidence to assess, diagnose and treat a range of MSK pathologies.

We all have a core understanding of anatomy, a basic understanding of MSK and knowledge of common pathologies. This workshop aims to enhance your foundation knowledge, boost your confidence and position you to treat a wider range of pathologies.