Richie Brace Dynamic Assist: Product Alteration Info

The manufacturer of the Dynamic Assist Richie Brace has improved the device’s structure by altering the Tamarack hinge.

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Richie Brace Dynamic Assist

Instead of applying heat when forming the Tamarack hinge in the foot plate, the hinge will now be attached with an injection moulded mount.

 Richie Brace Dynamic Assist - New HingeRichie Brace - Dynamic Assist Original Hinge

New hinge with injection molded mount (left) with old heat Tamarack hinge (right).


The new mount holds the hinge more firmly in the footplate, creating a more dependable union between the footplate and the uprights. This new mount will also make it easier to convert a Tamarack hinge to a fixed or pivot articulation when necessary and improves the overall aesthetics of the brace. All Dynamic Assist braces put into production prior to September 21st, 2015 cannot be retrofitted with this new mount. If you have any queries regarding this change please contact us at [email protected]. Click here to Order the improved Dynamic Assist Richie Brace using Firefly’s order form

About the Dynamic Assist Richie Brace

The Dynamic Assist Richie Brace is a custom balanced foot orthotic.


  • 30mm heel cup
  • Anatomic ankle axis hinge placement
  • Semi-rigid lower limb supports
  • Custom contoured footplate attachment
  • Tamarack flexural ankle joints


  • Dynamic dorsiflexion-assist
  • Control of varus/valgus alignment of the foot
  • Pure, unrestricted sagittal ankle motion
  • Optimal shoe fit
  • Treatment Guide: Partial of complete Dropfoot

Brace can be used if patient has Adducto-Varus foot deformity, Diabetic Charcot deformity without severe equinus, and body weight over 14.28stone /200 lbs. Brace cannot be used if patient has Spasticity of plantar flexors or invertor muscle groups, moderate to severe weakness of pnatarflexors, severe Equinus, or an unstable knee.

Clinical Indications:

  • Post CVA (stroke)
  • Mild Muscular Dystrophy
  • Charcot Marie Tooth Disease
  • Post spinal cord surgery
  • Diabetic Neuropathy