We at Firefly know how effective the Richie Brace range of AFOs can be in fundamentally changing patients lives. In our foot & ankle clinics, we regularly witness patients arriving with significantly reduced mobility, whether through adult acquired flat foot, foot deformity or other pathologies. We love hearing when other podiatrists experience positive patient outcomes when prescribing the Richie Brace, like the good folk over at Tweed Podiatry

In many cases, patients arrive to clinic having been assessed by other healthcare professionals who have told them their condition and mobility are likely to deteriorate over time. They are resigned to a future of pain, and as a result an expectation that their quality of life will rapidly reduce over time.

Fear not!!! The experienced podiatrist knows the power of the Richie Brace and attempts to allay the patients fear as they take a plaster of Paris cast during the prescription process. The patient leaves the clinic, hoping against hope the podiatrist will come through on their promise of a positive outcome.

We’ll let Tweed Podiatry’s recent post on Instagram tell the rest of the story….

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The Richie Brace has become a game-changer for patients with a number of complex and "difficult to treat" foot & ankle problems. I wanted to share with you a short story from this week's clinic that really made us smile. The device in these pictures was designed for a patient with long history of advanced foot deformity and pain that was really impacting their quality of life and leaving them faced with the possibility of surgery. They shared this with us: "I am involved in organisations where we perform a lot of slow marching where my foot and ankle feel unstable and very painful - I fear this will soon force me to use a stick like I do when walking more generally. The pain day-to-day is bad but what I really want is to be able to march on, without my stick and hopefully in less pain." They added: "I know my foot and ankle are in a bad way and I have been told elsewhere that surgical fusion of my rearfoot is on the cards - I want to avoid that if at all possible." So with that, we got to work! With the help of @fireflyorthoses we were able to supply our patient with the Richie Brace - a fully custom foot orthosis integrated into a brace that provides significant stability whilst allowing the patient to maintain motion at their ankle joint. The whole device is incredibly light and low profile, making it very subtle compared to many other braces. The end result? Our patient immediately found they could walk unaided, with a much greater sense of stability and reduced pain. "I walked in here needing my stick... I'm walking out without it. I'm very happy!" We wish them all the best on their march forward. Smiles all round #richiebrace #kelso #scottishborders #podiatry #podiatrist #podsfixfeet #msk #biomechanics #orthotics #customorthotics #bespoke #stayactive

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