Structure Sensor Mark II compatibility update

The company who manufactures the Structure Sensor scanning technology have recently released a new version of their hardware – the Structure Sensor Mark II.

Unlike its predecessor, the new Mark II hardware is not compatible with a number of iOS scanning apps.

The original Structure Sensor hardware worked alongside common iPad scanning apps such as AOMS TOT and TechMed3D’s 3DSizeMe.

Currently, the Mark II hardware is not compatible with the AOMS TOT app, this may change but it is outside of the control of Firefly Orthoses.

Here at Firefly Orthoses, we are developing our own iPad scanning application that is due for release in the coming months.

We can confirm Firefly’s iPad scanning application will be compatible with both Structure Sensor versions.

We have reached out to TechMed3D seeking clarification as to whether their software’s are compatible with both versions of the Structure Sensor scanning hardware and whether AOMS TOT has plans to make their software compatible.

We will update this blog once we have their responses.