Suzanne Hamilton

For several years I have been using Firefly orthoses in clinic and I am very excited to become a Firefly Ambassador! As a company established by Podiatrists I have often benefited from the support and education provided to me through Firefly over the years and look forward to supporting them as a Firefly Ambassador.

My area of specialism is sports medicine and I am passionate about providing podiatry services within this emerging field of podiatry. My own sporting prowess is somewhat limited to a novice cyclist, average gym goer and warm weather sea swimmer!

Following the COVID 19 pandemic, the importance of sport and exercise has been brought into sharp focus regarding the benefit to our physical and mental wellbeing. With an increase in daily activity, it is no surprise that injuries related to the leg, foot and ankle are common.  Now more so than ever, podiatrists can play a vital role in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of lower limb injuries.

My particular interests are football medicine, foot orthoses and footwear. When I’m not working you will usually find me enjoying a good coffee, getting outdoors or travelling (ideally all at the same time!).