Marking Malleoli for Richie Brace

The Importance of Marking the Malleoli for Richie Braces

Ensuring a precise fit for orthotic devices like the Richie Brace is crucial for both comfort and functionality. A key step in achieving this perfect fit is marking the apex of the medial and lateral malleoli. This simple yet effective practice can make a significant difference in the outcome for patients.

Why Marking Matters

Marking the malleoli helps eliminate guesswork during the fabrication process. When the apex of these bony prominences is indicated, it guides Firefly’s design team in accurately aligning the brace to your patient’s anatomy. This ensures the brace provides the intended support and correction, reducing the likelihood of discomfort or the need for adjustments.

How to Mark the Malleoli

Whether you’re using traditional casting methods or digital scanning technology, marking the malleoli is straightforward. For traditional casting, a felt-tip marker or dark pen can be used to highlight these areas on the cast. This visible mark guides the lab technicians in their work, ensuring they have precise reference points.

For podiatrists using Firefly’s scanning app FUSION, the malleoli should be identified before scanning by placing a material such as felt on the medial and lateral malleoli. These two exaggerated locations are then easily identified in the final scan file. This digital precision translates to a better-fitting orthotic device.

Prone or Supine Position?

When it comes to positioning the patient for marking the malleoli, both prone and supine positions can be effective. The choice depends on the practitioner/patient’s preference and the specific requirements of the scan or cast. The key is to ensure the malleoli are clearly marked and easily visible in the chosen position.

Support and Resources

At Firefly, we are dedicated to supporting practitioners in delivering the best care to their patients. Whether you need assistance with casting, scanning, or selecting the right Richie Brace solution, we are here to help. Our comprehensive range of resources includes detailed guides, expert consultations, and access to the latest advancements in orthotic technology.

Explore our full range of orthotic solutions, including Richie Braces, and discover how precise marking and expert craftsmanship can enhance patient outcomes.

Firefly Announce Richie Brace Workshop

Grow your skill-set and treat a broader scope of patient with the Firefly Richie Brace Workshop.

At Firefly we repeatedly see how bracing therapy offers in life-changing results for patients across the UK and Ireland. 

Through education and by building confidence we know more podiatrists could be successfully delivering bracing therapy as part of their clinical offering. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the first Firefly Richie Brace Workshop, that will take place on January 25th, 2020 in London. 

The Richie Brace range of custom ankle braces are frequently used to treat complex foot and ankle pathologies consistently producing excellent results.

Pathologies commonly treated by prescribing the Riche Brace include: 

  • Lateral Ankle Instability, 
  • Degenerative Joint Disease 
  • Adult Acquired Drop Foot 

About the Richie Brace Workshop

The workshop will be held in Chiswick Medical Centre in West London from 9.30am to 2.00pm.

The workshop is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow. Tap the button below to find out more and to enrol on the workshop.

About the Richie Brace

The Richie Brace is a revolutionary alternative to traditional ankle braces and ankle-foot orthoses (AFO’s). The lightweight construction and low profile design features of the Richie Brace allows better shoe fit, more freedom of movement and reduced pain from injury. 

The Richie Brace is fabricated from an impression cast taken from the patient’s foot and lower leg. It’s lightweight, low-profile design is preferred by patients over traditional longer leg solid shell ankle foot orthoses.