Excellence in Healthcare 2017

We’re back on the road again, this time visiting Glasgow to attend the Excellence in Healthcare conference. The event runs across the 8th and 9th of June at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

Firefly is represented at the conference by the wonderful Claire Carr. Make sure you call by to the Firefly stand to talk to Claire about Firefly’s range of foot orthoses and our other technical support services provided to Firefly’s customers.

Firefly’s Claire at Health in Excellence 2017

Claire will be on hand to provide info on our new shell material Delrin:

roughly half as much DELRIN® is required as that of a standard Polypropylene shell. Therefore, 2.5mm DELRIN® = 5mm Polypropylene to create the same level of support and can still be heat adjusted in the manner of a standard Polypropylene shell.

Also on display at the Firefly Orthoses stand are samples of the Richie Brace ankle foot orthotic. Firefly is the only licensed supplier of the Richie Brace to the Irish and UK market.

The conference incorporates four individual conferences in medicine, surgery, travel medicine, and podiatric medicine running in parallel over two days. Delegates will be free to move between the parallel conferences and attend sessions of interest from the different disciplines.

The four individual conferences will come together for key plenary sessions by inspirational speakers including:

  • John Meara, Harvard Medical School
  • James Logan, Department of Disease Control
  • Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland
  • Greig Trout, Cancer Survivor

Firefly Summit 2017

Speaking of conferences, our own Firefly Summit 2017 is fast approaching. The Summit is being billed as the podiatry event of the year, where delegates will gain CPD points as leading podiatry clinicians from across the UK and Ireland offer their clinical gold.  Find out more about the Firefly Summit, the wonderful northwest coast of Ireland where the Summit will be held and how to get there.

Win an iPad & Structure Sensor combo at Firefly stand

It’s annual conference week and we’re packing out bags to fly out to Glasgow.  Included in our luggage are an iPad Mini and Structure Sensor which we will be giving away on Saturday evening of the conference.

Firefly will give away iPad & Structure Sensor at this weeks conference

Firefly will give away iPad & Structure Sensor at this weeks conference

Visit the Firefly stand to win an iPad & Structure Sensor

Make sure to visit the Firefly Stand [stand number 131-133] in the exhibition space, where you can enter the draw for these amazing pieces of equipment.  The world of Podiatry is no different to any other industry and technology is positively effecting how we as podiatrists interact and treat our patients.

In Firefly’s Podiatry clinics across Ireland, our Podiatrists have embraced technology such as the iPad and Structure Sensor to capture 3D images of patient’s feet.  In essence, this technology is replacing traditional casting techniques such as plater of Paris and foam boxes casting.


These technologies bring a number of distinct advantages when introduced to your clinic. The most obvious advantage when using the iPad/Structure Sensor is the speed at which you can capture patient foot image data.  You don’t have to prepare gloves, plaster and water basin. You don’t have to remove the plaster cast and wait for it to dry. With the iPad, you simply sync the iPad and Structure Sensor point the camera at the patient’s foot and rotate the device around the foot to capture the foot in 3D format.


Plaster of Paris casting technique

Firefly’s Digital Order Forms

At Firefly we also recommend using our digital fillable order forms when submitting 3D scans to our laboratory. Once the 3D scan is captured, our digital order forms can be filled out on an iPad and sent to Firefly by email. This significantly reduces the lead time for your patient.  You are no longer reliant on Royal Mail when submitting the cast or foam impression. Instead Royal Mail is used only to distribute your Firefly custom made orthoses.

If you are attending this year’s COP Conference in Glasgow and wish to see the iPad and Structure Sensor being demonstrated, make sure to attend one of the two workshops Firefly will be hosting during the conference. The first takes place on Thursday 17th, from 6pm to 6.15pm and the second is on Friday 18th from 3.30pm to 3.45pm.

Wiivv, NSOLS and Mobisit

Find out more about what Firefly will be exhibiting at this year’s conference by visiting our conference overview here. Read about Wiivv Wearable 3D printed custom insoles, and Firefly’s new over the counter orthotics, NSOLS. Finally, we’ll be exhibiting a new lower limb joint mobility application, the Mobisit- read all about this and more here.

COP Conference, Glasgow | November 17th – 19th

Find out all Firefly will be offering at this year’s #COPC16. We’re introducing 3D scanners, hosting two workshops and launching our new over the counter NSOLS orthotics.