Welcome to Firefly’s Technical Support page.

Our Tech Support department answer all our customer queries and questions related to pairing the correct orthoses to the needs of your patient. Firefly’s customers benefit from technical support provided over the phone and via email.

Firefly customers can contact our Technical Support department via email, telephone or by using the contact form at the bottom of this page. All enquiries and requests are dealt with promptly.

00353 71 91 49494

[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are taken to produce quality Firefly Orthoses?

Firefly orthoses are custom made foot orthoses designed and manufactured using advanced computer technology (CADCAM / computer aided design – computer aided manufacture). Each device is formed on a manually or digitally “dressed mould” of foot impressions sent to us. (Manually via vacuum forming thermoplastic or digitally via CNC milling). We do not use a “library” of shapes or any variation of a pre-moulded shell.

Firefly operates AOMS laser scanning of casts or impression boxes. This allows practitioners to choose traditional standard or direct milled prescription foot orthoses. CADCAM direct milling of polypropylene blocks produces custom made prescription foot orthoses. CADCAM milling of positive models produces vacuum formed thermoplastic and carboplastic custom made prescription foot orthoses.

Firefly uses a manual ‘state of the art’ automated fabrication stream, utilising Sharp Shape’s Automated Orthoses Manufacturing System (AOMS). AOMS consists of a cast scanner; digital corrections workstations and computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling equipment.

What is the order procedure?

Please post order forms together with patient’s casts/foam impressions via Firefly Free post mailing cartons.

For 2nd or subsequent orders please detail previous order numbers, patients name and any special  instructions. We also accept 3D non weight bearing neutral position digital scanned data from recommended scanning technology.

Please contact us for more information.

How can I place a digital order?

We accept digital orders to our lab. This means patient foot data captured using digital scanning technologies can be submitted via email. We accept a range of file formats including .obj, .raw, .scn, .stl.

Digital orders can be submitted to the email address [email protected].

At Firefly we recommend the iPad and Structure Sensor hardware along with our own 3D scanning app FUSION.

What are our turnaround times?

Standard Order:

  • 10-12 working days manufacture from receipt of order to dispatch*

Rush Order:

  • 7-9 working days manufacture from receipt of order to dispatch*

Courier Rush Order:

  • 3 working days Manufacture

Digital Order:

  • 10-12 working days from receipt of order to dispatch*

Richie Brace Order:

  • 15-20 working days from receipt of order to dispatch*

Manual Manufacture Order:

  • 15-20  days manufacture & delivery receipt of order to dispatch*

* Manufacturing times have increased due to the impact of Covid-19

** Please note: Incomplete prescription order forms may cause a delay in the processing of an order.

What is an adjustment?

Minor adjustments to original prescription for fit, function or comfort will be made at no charge within 6 months from date of shipping.

Charges will apply for the addition of any new components or major changes to original prescriptions.

What is a refurbishment/modification?

Firefly now offer refurbishments and modifications (outside 6 months) as a base price to three finishes. Customers can now predict the cost of each, making patient invoicing and accounting more efficient.

  • Met length: £35
  • Sulcus length: £45
  • Full length: £55

Can I request a rush on an order?

Yes, you can indicate this on the bottom of the order form. (Please note additional charges will apply for a Rush order)

Can I post direct to my patient?

Yes, you can indicate this in the Special Instructions section on the bottom of the order form. Please provide details of the patient’s address. (Please note additional charges will apply for a ‘post to patient’ order)

How long do we keep casts?

Plaster casts are kept for 90 days. If your casts are scanned by Cad/Cam they will be kept in our computer system for years.