The Joy of Scanning

Discover the benefits 3D scanning can bring to your clinic and patients

3D Digital Scanning

Let’s take a look at some of the most obvious benefits of introducing 3D digital scanning to your foot orthoses prescription work-flow:

    • reduce turnaround times
    • cleaner, more efficient prescription process
    • treat and resolve your patient’s pathology faster
    • reduce prescription paper trail and administrative burden

The argument for 3D scanning is compelling. In Firefly’s clinical division our podiatrists have been successfully capturing patient foot data using the iPad and Structure Sensor combination for over a year.  In busy clinics, 3D scanning increases efficiency. Our podiatrists can confidently capture patient foot data much quicker using the Structure Sensor technology than traditional casting or foam box methods. This affords the podiatrist more time to see a greater number of patients per day.

Patient Perspctive

Capturing data digitally means second and subsequent pairs of orthoses can be ordered quickly without having to re-cast the patient as you will have the data historically stored on file. This is ideal should a patient require a second or subsequent set for sport,  active or formal footwear.

Easy to use

Using the iPad and Structure Sensor combination, you can scan both feet of a patient in under 5 minutes.