“connecting passionate podiatrists”

Through it’s unique presentations, activities and locations, the Firefly Summit connects the dots, connects ideas, connects people.

It's about sharing the cutting-edge in podiatric MSK, the “clinical gold” that works from experience. Tangible skills & practical knowledge that improve how you practice, help patients and teach others.

It’s about bringing together those with a diversity of opinions but the same passion for podiatry. Those who desire to learn from and connect with anyone, no matter their background. Those who see podiatry as more than just a job, but a way to learn, connect, contribute.

Look forward to connecting the dots in “The Land of Heart’s Desire”.

Initial Details

With the Summit 9 months away, there’s much to confirm. Whilst we can’t promise specifics yet, we’ve learned a lot since the first Summit, so expect a similar but better experience than before. Here are the first speakers we're ready to reveal, along with everything that's included in your ticket purchase:

First Speakers

Tim Kilmartin

Diane Nichol

Matt Farrar

Sarah Davies

Greg Gillanders

Zoe Wilson

What's Included

Digital presentation access

Knock airport transfers

Discounted hotel rates

Evening social events

Adventure activities

Lunches & dinners


“Angie and I, like everybody else I'm sure, are still on a high and already implementing many aspects of the 10 minute lectures, unconference sessions and professional sharing opportunities gleaned over the weekend.”

Martin Parry

St Leonards Clinic

“Unique and something for everyone with a thirst for biomechanical knowledge. Quality speakers and, importantly, experienced clinicians sharing their clinical gem’s that we could all take into the office Monday morning! By far, the best conference I have ever attended.”

Hannah Watkinson

Frontline Podiatry

“The focus on clinical hands on skills shared by highly engaged podiatrists meant the two days were fantastic value compared to other events I have attended.”

Ruth Mackie

South Eastern Health Trust

“The most open and inclusive podiatry event I’ve ever attended with practical, real-world clinical challenges and dogmas discussed.”

Nicola Blower


What to Expect

Be it the ten minute presentations from our 22 speakers, or from the group discussions with other attendees, you’ll learn the tangible MSK skills that actually improve your practice.

Expect impassioned and open-minded discussions from podiatrists with a desire to learn rather than be right – “Strong opinions, loosely held”.

Connect with others interested in knowing who you are beyond what you do. Experienced clinicians and fledgling students sit shoulder-to-shoulder, not sharing business cards in conference rooms, but pints in Irish pubs.

Who says work can’t be fun? Hiking or surfing, golfing or seaweed-baths; connect with nature and other delegates between business.

From it’s poems and lakes to it’s pubs and cakes, it’s dubbed The Land of Heart’s Desire for a reason. Let us introduce you to the cuisine, culture and country of Sligo.