Bartold Biomechanics Seminar

Firefly is attending the Simon Bartold Seminar on the final day of the 2016 College of Podiatry conference at the Lough Erne Resort in Co. Fermanagh.

Martin McGeough and Greg Gillanders are representing both Firefly Orthoses Ltd and Firefly’s Foot & Ankle Clinics.

Bartold Biomechanics

Simon Bartold

Simon Bartold is a renowned name in the field of Biomechanics, his seminars regularly sell out around the world.  Beginning his careers as a Podiatrist and sports researcher in Australia, he now works alongside Asics as an international research consultant.

Bartold is well known for his stance against ‘minimalist’ or barefoot running and has played a role with Asics in the production of gender specific running shoes.

Simon’s seminar at the Northern Ireland conference is titled The Dynamic Athlete Assessment Protocol. Simon’s website, Bartold Biomechanics, describes the seminar as:

taking a unique and very hands-on approach to the assessment of the injured athlete, this seminar will give you the tools to change the way you assess and treat your patients. If you feel trapped in outdated models of static assessment, if you really want to learn new and relevant techniques that will immediately challenge the way you practice, this seminar is an absolute must. 

The seminar is an all-day event and will bring the 2016 conference to a close.  Thank you to everyone who called by the Firefly Orthoses stand at this year’s conference.

The next event Firefly Orthoses will attend is the Foot Health 2016 conference in Kettering on June 21st and 22nd. Hope to see you there.