Firefly Orthoses launch new website

Firefly Orthoses wish to present our new, innovative website. We’re delighted to bring you a digital resource designed to offer greater insight in to our product range. Central to the design of the new website is the quick and easy access to the resources of most value to Podiatrists.


The new website is designed with the Podiatrist in mind, presenting Firefly’s range of custom made orthoses in an innovative format. By clicking on any image of our custom orthoses on the Products page, the Podiatrist is presented with a photographic image of the selected orthosis accompanied by a highly descriptive, exploded style illustration of the orthosis. To the right of the visual representations of each orthoses is found the Lab Standard Description of each product. This details the various materials that feature in the device, suitable device application, optional shell materials and the level of control the device offers.

Product display example

Product display

At Firefly we pride ourselves on how we provide support to our customers. Our Technical Support Department interact with Podiatrists across the UK and Ireland, on a daily basis, via phone and email. The website now offers Podiatrists direct access to our Technical Support staff through the contact form on the Technical Support page.


Knowledge is power and at Firefly we want to empower visitors to our website with a wealth of Podiatric knowledge by accessing our Education section. Our new website presents all three of Firefly’s Podiatric Biomechanic Symposia alongside access to the A-Footprint Project newsletters and an extensive list of academic articles relevant to custom made orthoses and the wider field of Podiatry.

We hope you enjoy browsing the new website and that it becomes a resource your turn to regularly.