Royal College of Podiatry Conference 2023

Discover Firefly’s biocentric, fully sustainable 3D printed orthoses at this year’s Royal College of Podiatry conference.

Firefly Summer Webinar Series

Firefly’s Summer Webinar Series sees some of the podiatry profession’s leading figures present practical and actionable foot and ankle focused CPD. Jump in to watch Dr. Tim Kilmartin, Dr. Doug Richie and Ms Zoe Wilson present on a range of podiatric MSK related topics.

Ask Firefly: Answers to frequently asked questions on prescribing custom foot orthoses

Watch our series of short videos that answer some frequently asked questions about the prescription of custom made foot orthoses.


Learn from experts in the field of complex foot and ankle pathologies and the use of the Richie Brace modality at ZW Academy’s An Introduction to prescribing the Richie Brace course.

10th Podiatric Sports Medicine Conference

The Firefly Orthoses team will be attending the 10th Podiatric Sports Medicine Conference in Glasgow across the 8th and 9th of December 2022.

The conference is in collaboration and association with the British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine (BASEM), the Royal College of Podiatry and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow hosted by Aesculap Academia.

Firefly will have a full range of custom made foot orthoses on stand number 7 at the conference.

This year also marks the 10th Anniversary of Podiatric Sports Medicine with the foundation stone laid by Professor Nat Padhiar after the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. To celebrate, a gala dinner will be held on the Thursday evening, which Firefly will be attend.


We have re-designed our specialised device range of custom made foot orthoses, given them the new title of offloading devices and published an updated order form that is designed with the diabetic and rheumatoid arthritic patient in mind.


In March of this year, a group of podiatrists travelled to the rarified air of the French Alps to spend time together to explore how they practice, discuss the challenges they face and ultimately learn how they can expand their thinking on the profession of podiatry.

Some of the conversations that took place in and around our Alpine chalet and on the slopes were captured on camera!

5th Transatlantic Wound Science & Podiatric Medicine Conference/ All Ireland Podiatry Conference

Later this week Firefly will be exhibiting and delivering a workshop at the 5th Transatlantic Wound Science & Podiatric Medicine Conference / All Ireland Podiatry Conference in Galway, Ireland.

Firefly will be presenting a workshop between 14.30 & 15.30 on Friday 29th with three speakers discussing the following topics: The Orthotic Industry and the Diabetic Foot, Material Science and Orthoses Prescription Objectives and Keeping the In-Remission Foot Stable.

There’s a slight change to the workshop from the published programme, Firefly Founder & Medical Director, Martin McGeough, will not be speaking at the workshop but Firefly’s Commercial Director, Frank Sharkey will take on presenting duties in Martin’s place.

Firefly Workshop Speakers

 Frank Sharkey, Firefly Commercial Director
▷ Orthotic Labs and the Future of Orthoses For the at Risk Foot.

Sarah O’Connell, NUIG Lecturer in Podiatric Medicine, Momentum Foot & Ankle Clinic
▷ Material Science & Objectives of Orthoses for the At Risk Foot.

Yvonne Buckley, HSE Mid-West Podiatrist.
▷ Keeping the In Remission Foot Stable: a case history.

Richie Brace webinar with Dr Doug Richie

Join Dr. Doug Richie, the creator of the renowned Richie Brace ankle foot orthotic, as he performs a deep-dive on treating Adult Acquired Flatfoot using the Richie Brace AFO.

How To Create Saved Favourites in FUSION

How To Create Saved Favourites in FUSION


Capturing patient foot anatomy via 3D scanning technology is becoming the norm for many of today’s podiatrists.

At Firefly, we developed the FUSION app, to capture patient foot anatomy using the iPad and Structure Sensor scanner hardware.


FUSION offers significant efficiencies including, but not limited to: speeding up the prescription process, reducing orthotic turn-around times,  eliminating the need to stock foam boxes and/or plaster of paris.

Unique to the FUSION app is the functionality build-in to the app for the user to create prescription templates that can be called on to increase the prescription process.


Many podiatrists have go-to prescriptions for a device type. That’s to say, if a podiatrist is prescribing a sport custom made foot orthotic for a football boot, they might find they get best results when prescribing a full length, XT Sprint shell material with narrow shell grind, with puff top cover and 2 millimetre heel lift. The prescription can be recorded in FUSION as a saved favourite and called on with the touch of a button.

When a saved favourite is used, the podiatrist can make adjustments and change any element of the prescription to meet a particular patients need.

In simple terms, the saved favourites allows you to very quickly load a template prescription which you can tweak as required.