Watch the Firefly Summer Webinar Sessions delivered by Dr. Tim Kilmartin, Dr. Doug Richie and Zoe Wilson

With foot pain almost at epidemic levels, the podiatric profession is best placed to assess, diagnose and treat it.

In this session, Dr. Tim Kilmartin discusses how podiatric medicine can elevate itself above other professions that treat foot and ankle pain to be viewed as the leading specialists in the successful treatment of such pain.

Dr. Kilmartin uses heel pain as an example where podiatry can record a better patient history, examine this history as a means to establish a diagnosis, grade severity, determine the appropriate level of treatment and finally determine a prognosis.

Bilateral foot drop, secondary to spinal pathology & podiatric fixed hinge Richie Brace

Drawing the series to a close is Zoë Wilson. Zoë is fast becoming an influencing voice in podiatry across the UK, Ireland and further afield. 

When she is not practising in her ZW Foot & Ankle Clinics in the Lakes District, she regularly speaks at conferences and events, most recently at the Ontario Society of Chiropodists Conference in Canada. 

A graduate of the University of Salford with a Bachelor of Science degree in Podiatry she also plies her entrepreneurial skills promoting and selling her range of treatments for the foot and ankle. 

Aetiology of the Adult Acquired Flatfoot: New Insights from Recent Research

Dr. Doug Richie 

The creator of the  Richie Brace AFO is a popular speaker on Firefly Orthoses webinars and he returns to deliver his session on the aetiology of adult acquired flat foot on June 8th. 

Dr. Richie received his doctorate in podiatric medicine from the California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco in 1980 and since then has won multiple awards for his work in podiatric medicine. 

Dr. Richie has retired from 38 years of private practice of podiatric medicine and surgery in Seal Beach, California. He is currently running his company, Richie Technologies Inc and also actively teaching students, residents and practitioners in various areas of biomechanics and orthotic therapy. 

The Richie Brace range of AFOs consistently achieves excellent patient outcomes as a leading modality for the treatment of some of the most challenging foot and ankle pathologies

The lightweight, low-profile design make it the preferred option over traditional AFOs.