Firefly Orthoses has announced the formation of a Medical Advisory Board.  It is made up of seven internationally renowned professionals whom all treat the lower extremity in clinical practice. The board will draw upon their professional expertise and experiential knowledge to offer insight and direction to Firefly Orthoses. This will include:

  • providing an objective review of Firefly’s products and their design,
  • act as an educational resource to Firefly staff who are involved in the manufacturing process,
  • advise Firefly’s Technical Support team of trends in indication, application and prescription writing questions posed by clinicians,
  • help to continue to develop and improve the Firefly customers’ skills and knowledge by contributing to educational and learning events hosted and attended by Firefly Orthoses.

Those who sit on the advisory board are Emma Cowely, Dr. Michael Mc Mullan, Julian Livingstone, Dr. Carmel Silke, Ian Griffiths and Firefly Director Martin Mc Geough. To find out more about the board members and their background click or tap the ‘meet the board’ button.