Firefly Orthoses Website: An Education and Research Portal

At Firefly Orthoses we are all about crafting custom-made orthoses, but the world of foot orthoses never stands still (sorry for the pun). Research is continually published, building and progressing the field and our website acts as a portal to access a plethora of valuable and relevant information relating to orthotic therapy for the Podiatric professional. Indeed, Firefly has been directly involved in some important research projects including the A-Footprint project. This initiative led by Glasgow Caledonian University to develop cost-effective foot/ankle and foot orthoses to treat common disabling conditions, personalised for form and function. The A-Footprint research project explored the production of foot orthoses using 3D laser sintering techniques, techniques which today are used by companies such as SOLS in their 3D printed orthoses.

Firefly Website: A Research Resource

Firefly’s website is home to an ever-growing list of research articles. This is an excellent resource for both Podiatry students and professionals who are interested in achieving a deeper understanding of custom made ankle and foot orthoses. The research articles cover a broad range of relevant topics such as gait and posture, the use of technology in prescribing orthoses, to additive manufacturing. Many of the articles listed are linked to the publisher’s website. In some instances, the research article is linked to a full PDF version of the text.

Podiatric Biomechanic Symposia

In recent years, Firefly Orthoses has led the way in the dissemination of Podiatric knowledge. In 2008, 2011 and 2014 we hosted the Podiatric Biomechanic Symposium. These events brought the brightest and most progressive minds together to explore and discuss their work and developments in the field of Podiatric Biomechanic Therapy. Keynote speakers at the events included Trevor Prior, Douglas Richie and Tim E. Kilmartin. Our website functions as a portal, offering free access to the presentations from all three Symposia. We encourage you to access this valuable information and make the most of it.

How can we help?

If there is any aspect of prescribing foot orthoses you wish to find out more about, please don’t hesitate to contact us to request information. Firefly Orthoses can be contacted at [email protected], or alternatively you can make contact with us via Twitter @FireflyOrthoses. We will be delighted to provide you with the most up-to-date information available. At Firefly Orthoses we recognise the power in knowledge. We provide our customers with free technical support that ensures they achieve the best clinical outcomes. You can become a Firefly customer by visiting our New Customer page.