FUSION: Firefly’s foot scanning app for iPad

What is FUSION?

At the recent College of Podiatry Conference 2019, we offered delegates a sneak peek of FUSION, Firefly’s portable foot scanning application for iPad and we are delighted to report it caused quite a buzz!

We are working hard to present the podiatric profession an app for iPad that will bring efficiencies to how podiatrists capture patient foot data and create foot orthotic prescriptions. 

How will FUSION compare to other 3D scanning apps?  

We have used and reviewed many of the foot scanning apps currently available to the profession. We have identified where some of these apps fall short and how they could be improved. FUSION incorporates the best from these apps and goes further offering new and innovative features unique to the FUSION app! 

You will discover several features that will help you achieve better patient outcomes. These include FUSION’s Favourites Templates – create and save device types and spec you frequently order, FUSION’s dashboard allows you see where your order is in Firefly’s manufacturing process and you can quickly and easily order second and subsequent sets of orthoses with the touch of a button!

When will it be released? 

We don’t have a specific release date for FUSION but hope to publish in Apple’s App Store in mid to late February 2020. We are testing the app within our clinical division of Firefly Foot & Ankle Clinics and among a select number of associated Firefly podiatrists.   

Why do I want it? 

Aside from the obvious benefits of no longer having to be reliant on plaster of Paris or foam box impressions, FUSION integrates Firefly’s prescription form and the Structure Sensor’s advanced scanning technology allows podiatrists capture patient foot data anywhere, whether in clinic or on domiciliary visits. 

FUSION aligns with Firefly’s 3D printed custom foot orthoses to offer a start-to-finish digital prescription and manufacture experience. Further details on our 3D printed devices will be announced in the coming months.   

Will the app be available for Android? 

Currently, there are no plans to roll out FUSION on any Android platforms. This is because FUSION requires Structure Sensor’s scanning hardware which is designed for Apple products only.