Firefly completes European Regional Development Fund Project

Firefly Orthoses is delighted to announce the successful completion of a research and development Agile project part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.

The Agile project commenced in May 2018 intending to develop digital in-house operation solutions to streamline the processing of orders and improve supply-chain efficiencies to the company’s international customer base.

Over the 20 months, all project targets were achieved with the outcome of establishing an end-to-end digital product ordering and manufacturing solution.

Some of the project benefits include reduced order processing time and reduced lead time for Firefly’s customer base.

Pre-order FUSION now

FUSION, Firefly’s 3D foot scanning app for iPad is now available for pre-order in the Apple App Store. Discover how FUSION can help you achieve better patient outcomes.

Firefly MSK Workshop – Chiswick

Our first Firefly MSK Workshop of 2020 is underway in Chiswick Medical Centre, London. This is Firefly’s sixth MSK workshop event and the first to be held in Chiswick.

The workshop is designed to help podiatrists achieve better patient outcomes by developing their MSK skill and knowledge. As with all Firefly’s educational events, our workshop is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow with attendees receiving 6 CPD points.

The workshop covers three core topics: force vs alignment [just a little theory], MSK assessments and prescription writing. The workshop is designed around practical hands-on learning where attendees are encouraged to get involved and demonstrate MSK assessments on one another as part of the learning process.

Firefly will be delivering future MSK workshops across the UK and Ireland in 2020. To keep up to date on our educational events join our educational mailing list!


Firefly Orthoses Ltd is now an approved supplier on the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR).

This means Firefly Orthoses’ has optimised its policies and procedures to adhere to a more streamlined supply chain process as set out by Leidos.

Firefly’s products are now available to all major buying organisations using JOSCAR.

Meeting the JOSCAR approval requirements has implemented improvements to the way Firefly manages Supplier Assurance information by minimising risk within Firefly’s supply chain.

FUSION: Firefly’s foot scanning app for iPad

What is FUSION?

At the recent College of Podiatry Conference 2019, we offered delegates a sneak peek of FUSION, Firefly’s portable foot scanning application for iPad and we are delighted to report it caused quite a buzz!

We are working hard to present the podiatric profession an app for iPad that will bring efficiencies to how podiatrists capture patient foot data and create foot orthotic prescriptions. 

How will FUSION compare to other 3D scanning apps?  

We have used and reviewed many of the foot scanning apps currently available to the profession. We have identified where some of these apps fall short and how they could be improved. FUSION incorporates the best from these apps and goes further offering new and innovative features unique to the FUSION app! 

You will discover several features that will help you achieve better patient outcomes. These include FUSION’s Favourites Templates – create and save device types and spec you frequently order, FUSION’s dashboard allows you see where your order is in Firefly’s manufacturing process and you can quickly and easily order second and subsequent sets of orthoses with the touch of a button!

When will it be released? 

We don’t have a specific release date for FUSION but hope to publish in Apple’s App Store in mid to late February 2020. We are testing the app within our clinical division of Firefly Foot & Ankle Clinics and among a select number of associated Firefly podiatrists.   

Why do I want it? 

Aside from the obvious benefits of no longer having to be reliant on plaster of Paris or foam box impressions, FUSION integrates Firefly’s prescription form and the Structure Sensor’s advanced scanning technology allows podiatrists capture patient foot data anywhere, whether in clinic or on domiciliary visits. 

FUSION aligns with Firefly’s 3D printed custom foot orthoses to offer a start-to-finish digital prescription and manufacture experience. Further details on our 3D printed devices will be announced in the coming months.   

Will the app be available for Android? 

Currently, there are no plans to roll out FUSION on any Android platforms. This is because FUSION requires Structure Sensor’s scanning hardware which is designed for Apple products only.   

Firefly Announce Richie Brace Workshop

Grow your skill-set and treat a broader scope of patient with the Firefly Richie Brace Workshop.

At Firefly we repeatedly see how bracing therapy offers in life-changing results for patients across the UK and Ireland. 

Through education and by building confidence we know more podiatrists could be successfully delivering bracing therapy as part of their clinical offering. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the first Firefly Richie Brace Workshop, that will take place on January 25th, 2020 in London. 

The Richie Brace range of custom ankle braces are frequently used to treat complex foot and ankle pathologies consistently producing excellent results.

Pathologies commonly treated by prescribing the Riche Brace include: 

  • Lateral Ankle Instability, 
  • Degenerative Joint Disease 
  • Adult Acquired Drop Foot 

About the Richie Brace Workshop

The workshop will be held in Chiswick Medical Centre in West London from 9.30am to 2.00pm.

The workshop is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow. Tap the button below to find out more and to enrol on the workshop.

About the Richie Brace

The Richie Brace is a revolutionary alternative to traditional ankle braces and ankle-foot orthoses (AFO’s). The lightweight construction and low profile design features of the Richie Brace allows better shoe fit, more freedom of movement and reduced pain from injury. 

The Richie Brace is fabricated from an impression cast taken from the patient’s foot and lower leg. It’s lightweight, low-profile design is preferred by patients over traditional longer leg solid shell ankle foot orthoses.

Firefly reveal first 3D printed foot orthotics

We are excited to announce the production and distribution of our first batch of 3D printed foot orthotics.  The move to produce 3D printed orthotics is part of a company-wide policy of adopting more processes and procedures that align with current and future technologies, both in the manufacture of orthoses and in how podiatrists interact with their patients during the prescription processes.

Initial sets of 3D printed orthotics have been produced and shipped to select Firefly associate podiatrists.

Developments in technology have allowed for new manufacturing methods to produce products that offer more benefits for both the podiatrist and patient.

Our state of the art devices are constructed by a multi-jet fusion process which provides unprecedented design freedom for Firefly to create innovative designs to help the podiatrist achieve better patient outcomes.

Our 3D printed range will allow for quicker turn around times which means the podiatrist can have prescription orthoses back with the patient for fitting quicker.

For the patient, the manufacturing technique changes the boundaries of what is achievable. Firefly is working on innovative designs that will allow the podiatrist treat complex foot and ankle pathologies by selecting from a suite of 3D printed device types with novel design features. Lower-level patient benefits include personalisation of devices by potentially incorporating the patients name in the product design.

Greater numbers of Firefly associate podiatrists are using the iOS/Structure Sensor scanning combination to capture patient foot data. This has lead to Firefly producing our own iPad scanning application that is due for release in the coming months.

Firefly MSK Workshop | Dundalk

The Firefly MSK Workshop is returning to Ireland this September. Learn effective MSK assessments and
foot orthotic prescription writing techniques so you can achieve better patient outcomes.

June MSK Workshop – A REVIEW

We’ve just wrapped up our June Firefly MSK Workshop. The event was hosted in central London and was attended by 16 podiatrists from across the UK.

The goal of the workshop is to increase the knowledge of the attendees so they treat more complex foot and ankle pathologies when they return to their own clinics.

The course is designed with a focus on practical learning but the event got underway with Firefly podiatrist Sarah O’Connell delivering some biomechanics theory as a starting point.

The mid-morning session introduced the more practical elements of the course with attendees learning simple but effective MSK assessments.

To keep the workshop attendees fueled, Firefly offered a diverse and healthy lunch menu which was very positively received going by the post-event feedback.

In the afternoon our UK Client Support Lead, Eimear Kenny delivered a module on prescription writing. This module explored pathology specific orthoses and materials.

Martin Mc Geough, Firefly’s Founder and Medical Director demonstrated plaster of Paris casting techniques and developments in 3D scanning technology.

The course was brought to a close with the group working through a number of MSK related case studies.

All Firefly’s educational events are accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, with each attendees earning 6 CPD points.

If you are interested in enrolling on future Firefly MSK educational events join our education mailing list.

Firefly MSK Workshop is a month away

We’re just over a month away from our next CPD accredited Firefly MSK Workshop scheduled for June 29th in central London and only a handful of places remain.

The event is designed to help you achieve better patient outcomes and forces on the following topics:

  • force vs alignment (theory)
  • simple but effective MSK assessments
  • prescription writing for custom made foot orthoses
  • case studies

The workshop begins by laying down a theoretical grounding from which the practical aspects of the workshop can be built upon. Firefly podiatrists will demonstrate a number of simple but effective MSK assessments that you can use in your clinic to help influence how you treat a range of pathologies.

It may appear there are many barriers to prescribing custom made foot orthoses. The workshop is designed to remove these barriers and broaden your scope of podiatric practice. Why refer your patient’s on for orthotic therapy when you can lead their pathology management?

For further details, including Workshop schedule, MSK assessments, CPD points and previous attendee testimonials, visit our workshop page.