The latest episode of PodChatLive lifts the curtain on life at the foot orthoses lab and features Firefly’s own Martin Mc Geough and Artur Maliszewski of Australian manufacturer Footwork Podiatric Lab.

The episode was streamed live on Facebook on the evening of February 15th and covered some of the challenges and opportunities within the foot orthotic industry as a whole, relating to industry regulation, patient foot data capture [traditional methods vs digital scanning], how education influences the podiatry profession’s direction and how ticking the ‘lab evaluation’ [lab description] box on a prescription form presents an opportunity to educate and build the customer’s knowledge, skill-set and confidence.

About PodCastLive

In October 2017 Australian podiatrist, Craig Payne found himself in England for 2 days whilst on the way back home from conferences in Spain and Portugal. There, he dropped in to Ian Griffin’s house where the pair realised they had never recorded a Facebook Live and so decided to give it a go (see The Very First Episode). It was met with surprisingly positive feedback so they began wondering if there was some mileage in doing it on a regular basis. And thus, PodChatLive was born.