Marking Malleoli for Richie Brace

A key step in achieving the perfect fitting Richie Brace is marking the apex of the medial and lateral malleoli. This simple yet effective practice can make a significant difference in the outcome for patients.

Royal College of Podiatry Conference 2023

Discover Firefly's biocentric, fully sustainable 3D printed orthoses at this year's Royal College of Podiatry conference.

Firefly Summer Webinar Series

Firefly's Summer Webinar Series sees some of the podiatry profession's leading figures present practical and actionable foot and ankle focused CPD. Jump in to watch Dr. Tim Kilmartin, Dr. Doug Richie and Ms Zoe Wilson present on a range of podiatric MSK related topics.

Ask Firefly: Answers to frequently asked questions on prescribing custom foot orthoses

Watch our series of short videos that answer some frequently asked questions about the prescription of custom made foot orthoses.


Learn from experts in the field of complex foot and ankle pathologies and the use of the Richie Brace modality at ZW Academy's An Introduction to prescribing the Richie Brace course.

10th Podiatric Sports Medicine Conference

The Firefly Orthoses team will be attending the 10th Podiatric Sports Medicine Conference in Glasgow across the 8th and 9th of December 2022.
Offloading orthoses


We have re-designed our specialised device range of custom made foot orthoses, given them the new title of offloading devices and published an updated order form that is designed with the diabetic and rheumatoid arthritic patient in mind.


In March of this year, a group of podiatrists travelled to the rarified air of the French Alps to spend time together to explore how they practice, discuss the challenges they face and ultimately learn how they can expand their thinking on the profession of podiatry. Some of the conversations that took place in and around our Alpine chalet and on the slopes were captured on camera!

5th Transatlantic Wound Science & Podiatric Medicine Conference/ All Ireland Podiatry Conference

Later this week Firefly will be exhibiting and delivering a workshop at the 5th Transatlantic Wound Science & Podiatric Medicine Conference / All…

Richie Brace webinar with Dr Doug Richie

Join Dr. Doug Richie, the creator of the renowned Richie Brace ankle foot orthotic, as he performs a deep-dive on treating Adult Acquired Flatfoot using the Richie Brace AFO.

How To Create Saved Favourites in FUSION

Learn how Firefly's FUSION scanning app allows users to save prescription templates.

How the Orthotic Industry Sizes Foot Orthoses

Podiatrists prescribing custom made foot orthoses need to be confident what they prescribe will meet the needs of their patients. In this blog and video, Martin Mc Geough discusses how the orthotic manufacturing industry size devices.


February is second set discount month at Firefly! Use the promo code FEB20 when placing an order for a second set of orthoses and we'll give you 20% off!
Firefly Orthoses Workshop

Why Choose Firefly in 2022?

A new year brings fresh goals for many podiatrists, both personal and professional. Why not join the Firefly community, broaden you scope of practice and achieve better patient outcomes. Start your Firefly journey today!

Royal College of Podiatry Conference 2021

Firefly are delighted to announce we will be attending the Royal College of Podiatry Conference in Liverpool later this month where we will be presenting a special MSK case history session on Friday evening.

Watch Kevin Rosenbloom's Firefly Webinar

In September Firefly brought you another world class speaker from the field of podiatric medicine, Kevin Rosenbloom. Watch it now.

Webinar Special with Craig Payne

Watch renowned podiatrist Craig Payne deliver a webinar special on the topic of getting the foot orthotic dose right.

Webinar Special with Dr. Christopher MacLean

World-renowned biomechanist, Dr. Christopher MacLean presents a webinar special entitled "What’s More Important, The Hip or The Foot? - A Biomechanist’s Perspective".

Medical Device Regulation

May 2021 sees the introduction of the EU's Medical Device Regulation - Firefly Orthoses have reviewed and amended our product and systems compliance to meet the requirements of both the EU's MDR and the UK MDR 2002.
Firefly Gold - plantar fasciopathy

FIREFLY GOLD: Sarah O'Connell

Sarah O'Connell presents for the second edition of our Firefly Gold series - in her 10 minutes injection of clinical gold, Sarah discusses the treatment of plantar fasciopathy among elite athletes.

A chat with the Firefly Ambassadors

Our three Firefly ambassadors recently sat down with Firefly founder Martin McGeough to discuss their careers to date, why they chose to follow the path of podiatric medicine and what they get up to outside of the clinic.


Earth Day 2021 makes us think about the decision we make and how they impact our environment. At Firefly, we too have given thought to how our actions have an impact. Find out how we can help you make smarter podiatric related environmental decisions.


MSK Podiatrist Zoe Wilson kicked off our FIREFLY GOLD series with her presentation on Adult Acquired Flat Foot & The Richie Brace and you can view it here.

Introducing The FIREFLY ambassadors

It's fitting on International Women's Day 2021 we introduce Firefly Orthoses' first three Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors' are a group of podiatrists whose inspiring work is driving podiatric medicine forward!

FUSION Scanning demonstration

Watch our super quick FUSION 3D scanning demonstration. With the FUSION app, Podiatrists can scan a patient's feet in 60 seconds, saving time & money!

Firefly Orthoses Continue to Operate Full Service

In lieu of the announcement by the Irish government that more stringent level 5 COVID-19 restrictions will be implemented across the country until the end of January 2021, we can confirm Firefly Orthoses will continue to operate as normal.

Dr. Doug Richie In Conversation with Firefly

Dr Doug Richie took time out to discuss his new book, his career to date and how the Richie Brace range of AFOs can be practically applied to complex foot and ankle pathologies.

Navicular Stress Fracture Webinar

Watch Firefly's Navicular Stress Fracture Webinar.

FUSION is now compatible with iOS14

We are delighted to annouce our scanning app is not compatible with iOS14. Simply update to the latest version of the app.

Sustainable 3D Printed Range of Orthotics // Webinar

Watch our sustainable 3D printed custom foot orthoses launch webinar. Our new range of 3D printed orthoses are manufactured from a plant based PA11 material.
Firefly Orthoses

FUSION App Update // ver. 1.1.6

We've made some improvements to our FUSION 3D scanning and prescription writing app for iPad. If you're a FUSION user update your version of the app to the latest build to benefit from the improvements.

Restructured Hours of Business

Firefly announces restructured hours of business.

Firefly Lab to Re-Open June 2nd

Following the closure of Firefly Orthoses lab in late March in response to COVID–19, we are delighted to announce we will re-open on June 2nd.

Firefly completes European Regional Development Fund Project

Firefly Orthoses is delighted to announce the successful completion of a research and development Agile project part funded by the ERDF and Enterprise Ireland.

Pre-order FUSION now

FUSION, Firefly's 3D foot scanning app for iPad is now available for pre-order in the Apple App Store. Discover how FUSION can help you achieve better patient outcomes.

Firefly MSK Workshop – Chiswick

Our first Firefly MSK Workshop of 2020 is underway in Chiswick Medical Centre, London. This is Firefly's sixth MSK workshop event and the first to be held…


Firefly Orthoses Ltd is now an approved supplier on the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR).

FUSION: Firefly's foot scanning app for iPad

We are working hard to present the podiatric profession a portable app for iPad that will bring efficiencies to how podiatrists capture patient foot data and create foot orthotic prescriptions. 
Richie Brace AFO

Firefly Announce Richie Brace Workshop

We're delighted to account Firefly's first Richie Brace workshop. Discover the common pathologies that can be treated with the Richie Brace range of AFOs. This hands-on workshop explores how and when to prescribe this industry leading brace.

Firefly reveal first 3D printed foot orthotics

Firefly release initial batch of 3D printed custom made foot orthotics. The move to produce 3D printed foot orthotics is part of a company-wide policy of adopting more processes and procedures that align with current and future technologies.

Firefly MSK Workshop | Dundalk

The Firefly MSK Workshop is returning to Ireland this September. Learn effective MSK assessments and foot orthotic prescription writing techniques so you can achieve better patient outcomes.
Firefly Orthoses

June MSK Workshop - A REVIEW

At Firefly we're committed to driving the podiatry profession forward. The Firefly MSK Workshop series has been growing from strength to strength with each event we've held. Our latest workshop took place in London on June 29th. Find out what the 16 attendees got up to at the event.

Firefly MSK Workshop is a month away

We're just over a month away from our next CPD accredited Firefly MSK Workshop scheduled for June 29th in central London and only a handful of places…

PodCast: Utilising an AFO as a rehabilitation tool in Adult Acquired Flat Foot

Firefly podiatrist, Sarah O'Connell presents an audio format case study on the treatment for Adult Acquired Flatfoot using a Richie Brace as a rehabilitation tool. Joining Sarah to discuss the case study is Martin Mc Geough of Firefly.

Firefly Orthoses: A Case Study

Brexit presents many challenges, particularly for Irish companies whose UK exports account for a significant portion of their business. Firefly recently featured as such a case study for the Atlantic Economic Corridor. Discover how Firefly is focusing on the opportunities presented in the wake of Brexit, despite the political instability.

Book your place on June's MSK Workshop

This weekend the Firefly MSK Workshop takes place in Central London. The event is proving increasingly popular among podiatrists seeking to up-skill in the area of MSK and biomechanics.

Prescription writing gold | Firefly MSK Workshop

With just a month to go until our March MSK Workshop in London, Martin Mc Geough discusses his prescription writing module designed to simplify the prescription writing process. Click to learn more and book your place.


We're delighted to announce Firefly Orthoses Ltd has been awarded I.S. EN ISO 9001:2015 by the NSAI. The National Standards Authority of Ireland describes…

Tickets for Firefly's London MSK Workshop are Live!

Firefly's next MSK Workshop is scheduled for March 2nd in Central London. Build your confidence in the area of musculoskeletal podiatry with our one day practical workshop and learn how to treat complex foot and ankle pathologies.

Digital Scanning: But how am I supposed to position the foot?

Correctly positioning the foot is one of the greatest challenges when capturing patient food data with digital scanning technology. We thing we've found a simple and affective solution.

Firefly Christmas Holiday Order Deadline

Firefly Orthoses will be closed for a period of time over the Christmas and New Years period. To receive orders to your clinic before Christmas you must submit orders no later than Friday November 30th.

Firefly MSK Workshop Report

13 podiatrists from across the UK and Ireland and one from Latvia travelled to Sligo for a full-day musculoskeletal (MSK) workshop at Firefly's offices…

RRU Podiatrists Visit Firefly

Firefly recently welcomed a group of 10 RRU podiatrists for a busy day's training at Firefly Orthoses HQ in Sligo. Find out what they got up to for their 24 hours in Sligo.

October's Firefly MSK Workshop: Fully Subscribed

Firefly's MSK Workshop, scheduled for later this month (October 2018), is fully subscribed. From the people who delivered the #FireflySummit, the…

Firefly Achieves Cyber Essentials security award

Firefly Orthoses has been awarded the Cyber Essentials Standard by Certification Europe. In achieving the award, Firefly Orthoses was assessed as…

The Power of Bracing Therapy | Firefly MSK Workshop

Bracing therapy is a growing prescription solution in the field of podiatry. At October's Firefly MSK Workshop learn what pathologies can be treated with the Richie Brace and how to prescribe this AFO.

Richie Brace, the game changer

The Richie Brace is a game changer. It can fundamentally change the patients life, elevating pain and significantly improving mobility. Read this great patient outcome from Tweed Podiatry and find out how you can prescribe the Richie Brace range of AFOs in your clinic.

Prescription Writing Pearls of Wisdom | Firefly MSK Workshop

Firefly Founder and Medical Director Martin Mc Geough will be among the speakers at October's Firefly MSK Workshop where he will deliver his prescription writing pearls of wisdom.

MSK Workshop | Meet the Speakers

The Firefly MSK Workshop is a one-day theoretical and practical CPD event, designed with the aim of up-skilling and building clinical knowledge.


Ruth Mackie's rapid-fire presentation focuses on the metaphors and analogies she has discovered across her career that helps her communicate complex pathologies to the uninitiated patient. Discover Ruth's clinical gold!

MSK Workshop | October 2018

The next Firefly MSK Workshop takes place October 20th in Sligo, the home of Firefly Orthoses. Join the mailing list to to keep up to date with all the workshop news.


Managing load is key to successfully treating Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome [MTSS] in the athletic patient. Ian's presentation explores why some athletes experience tibial pain while others don't and what are the options available to offer treatment?
Firefly Top Cover Guide

Orthotic Top Cover Guide

All Firefly Orthoses devices are finished with a top cover, adding comfort for the patient and improving the aesthetic look of the finished orthotic device. This article explains all our top cover offerings.


New to prescribing foot orthoses or want grow your podiatric business by adding custom devices to your clinical offering? This guide gives you the low-down on prescribing foot orthoses. The fundamentals.

Trevor Prior: Power, Control or Gait Technique - How 3D Gait Aids Decision Making

Software is playing an ever-increasing role in aiding the podiatrist's decision-making process in-clinic, introducing greater accuracy of diagnosis. In this rapid-fire presentation, Trevor explains how he uses 3D gait analysis to acquire a more complete picture of a patient's gait cycle.

Firefly's Second Set Offer – 25% Off repeat orders

Get repeat order orthoses at a reduced rate for the month of June. Firefly are offering podiatrists the opportunity to oder second set devices at a discounted rate of 25% off the listed price.

Eileen Dolan: Heel Pain Treatment – Cortisone, PRP or Botox A

With studies suggesting as many as 20% of patients presenting to podiatry clinics suffer from plantar fasciitis, you need to view Eileen Dolan's Firefly Summit rapid fire presentation.

European Regional Develop Fund

Firefly Orthoses Ltd. have been awarded European Regional Development Funding to aid company research and development projects.

Wayne Edwards: Asymmetrical injury patterns linked to skeletal influences/drivers using observational video analysis

Wayne's presentation explores how to assess and identify such common injury patterns and describes how to use video gait analysis to direct effective management plans for asymmetrical injury in the lower limb / foot.

All Ireland Podiatry Conference

Firefly will be exhibiting at the 2018 All Ireland Podiatry Conference where we will also be delivering a workshop on prescribing custom made foot orthoses.

Katherine Cook: Leg Length Differences: Measurement and Pressure Plate Analysis

Physiotherapist Katherine Cook's Firefly Summit presentation explores the critical assessment of patients for leg length discrepancy [LLD] and whether any such difference is clinically relevant.

John Chadwick | TMTJ Arthritis: A Combined Clinical Approach of Injection and Orthotic Therapy

MSK Podiatrist John Chadwick discusses imaging techniques in the identification of TMTJ arthritis, when and why to implement intra-articular corticosteroid injections and orthotic therapy as treatment options in the latest of our Firefly Summit rapid fire presentations.

Hannah Watkinson | Neurodynamic Testing: The Slump Test

Hannah Watkinson presents “Neurodynamic Testing – Slump and SLR” exploring the connection between back pathologies and radicular leg pain in the 5th Firefly Summit rapid fire presentation.

Service Disruption due to Severe Weather Warning

Due to the national status red weather warning, as a result of arctic conditions, Firefly will be closed from 1300hrs on Thursday March 1st and may not reopen until Monday March 5th.

Emily Ball | 3 R's to Growing your practice: rebook, referral & reactivate

Emily Ball is our fourth speaker to feature as part of our Firefly Summit rapid-fire series. Emily's presentation details three low, to no cost strategies designed to build your practice and develop patient loyalty.

Pod Chat Live | Martin Mc Geough & Artur Maliszewski

Watch the latest episode of PodChatLive as it lifts the curtain on life at the foot orthoses lab and features Firefly's own Martin Mc Geough and Artur Maliszewski of Australian manufacturer Footwork Podiatric Lab.

Jon Palmer | How a simple vascular test can save lives

Every fortnight we feature a speaker who presented a rapid-fire presentation at the Firefly Summit. Exeter podiatrist Jon Palmer's presentation focused on how combining vascular screening with MSK examinations can detect stroke symptoms or potential heart complications ahead of time.

Glen Foley | Adult Rotational Deformity of Lower Limb

We continue our series looking back at the rapid-fire presentations during the #FireflySummit 2017, this week it's the turn of MSK Podiatrist Glen Foley. Glen's presentation encourages us to look deeper into the condition of Adult Rotational Deformity in the lower limb.

Firefly Orthoses Lab Closure Dates 2018

Dates for your diary. Firefly will be closed during 10 public holidays across 2018. These dates reflect public holidays observed in the Republic of Ireland.

Get the Summit Rapid-fire Presentations direct to your Inbox

Every two weeks we feature one of the 21 speakers who presented rapid-fire presentations at the Firefly Summit 2017. Each offering the unique insight from one of the UK and Ireland's leading practitioners who treat lower leg extremity.

Firefly Distributes Social Good Session Monies

Firefly raised over £1,000 at the Firefly Summit 2017 during the Social Good Sessions. We're delighted to announce all monies have been distributed equally to each of the three projects that featured during the sessions.

Casting for Richie Brace

The Riche Brace range of AFOs are growing in popularity for the treatment of a range of hindfoot & ankle pathologies. Find out how to cast for this innovative ankle foot orthoses and how you can grow the scope of your practice with this device.

Watch the Firefly Summit Presentations

The presentations from the Firefly Summit are now free to view on the Firefly website. Watch 20 of the UK and Ireland's leading podiatrists offer their 'clinical gold' at the podiatric event of the year.

How can we help?

Make your visit to the College of Podiatry annual conference as beneficial as possible, let us know how Firefly can help you!

The Joy of Scanning

The argument for introducing digital scanning to your prescription work-flow is compelling. Arrive at positive patient outcomes faster, reduce administrative burden and add greater efficiency to your clinic.

Galway Podiatrist wins MESI device | Firefly Summit

Galway podiatrist Angela McAnearney was the lucky winner of the much sought after MESI ABPI MD diagnostic machine at the recent #FireflySummit.

Firefly Summit 2017: A conference with a difference

The podiatric event of the year isn't all about podiatry. Delegates of the Firefly Summit 2017 will be experiencing all the very best Sligo has to offer. Find out just what they'll be getting up to.

The Foot Project to Bring Aid to Migrant Crisis.

The Foot Project team are preparing for their second trip to Greece to treat migrants that have landed in Europe.
Firefly Medical Advisory Board

Firefly Announce Medical Advisory Board

Firefly Orthoses announce the formation of a Medical Advisory Board. Find out more about the seven internationally renowned professionals whom who offer insight and direction to Firefly Orthoses.

Excellence in Healthcare 2017

We're back on the road again, this time visiting Glasgow to attend the Excellence in Healthcare conference. The event runs across the 8th and 9th of June…

2017 Northern Ireland Annual Conference

Firefly Orthoses are exhibiting at the SCP Northern Ireland Conference in County Down this weekend. Make sure to visit Maurya and Sorcha at our stand in the Slieve Donard Resort.

Firefly is closed on Friday, March 17th | Saint Patrick's Day

Firefly Orthoses will be closed Friday, March 17th and reopen on Monday 20th. March 17th is a national holiday in Ireland, Saint Patrick's Day!

Firefly to Exhibit at Dynamic Practice | Coventry, March 2017

Firefly Orthoses will be exhibiting at the upcoming Dynamic Practice conference in Coventry from March 16th to 18th.


Find out about the most unique podiatric event taking place in 2017. The UK & Ireland's top podiatric professionals will share their clinical gold in the wonderful surrounds of Sligo, Ireland on September 29th and 30th.

Firefly play small role in The Foot Project

The Foot Project saw a team of 6 podiatrists visit refugee camps in Greece in December 2016. Firefly donated a selection of over the counter orthoses which were prescribed refugee patients who could benefit from orthoses.

Plymouth University Launch Firefly Scholarship

Plymouth University announces the Firefly scholarship. The scholarship is for two final year school of podiatry students for the 2017/18 academic year.

Firefly Podiatrist promotes foot health in Tanzania

Podiatrist Sarah O'Connell visited Tanzania in her final year of study to bring her skills and knowledge to help communities in the East African country.

Firefly Orthoses Christmas Deadlines

Firefly would like to make our customers aware of the dates we will be closed during the Christmas and new year period.   Firefly Orthoses will…

Firefly Casting Demonstration COP Conference 2016

Due to the popularity of our casting demonstration session at the College of Podiatry Annual Conference 2016 we've uploaded the full 15 minutes of the demo to our website.

Win an iPad & Structure Sensor combo at Firefly stand

Win an iPad and Structure Sensor 3D scanner at the Firefly stand at this year's College of Podiatry Conference in Glasgow.

COP Conference, Glasgow | November 17th - 19th

Find out all Firefly will be offering at this year's #COPC16. We're introducing 3D scanners, hosting two workshops and launching our new over the counter NSOLS orthotics.

New Firefly Order Forms

At Firefly Orthoses we have updated our order forms.  Firefly's product range, specifically our line of Specialised Devices has expanded.  Adding these…

Camp Surf Social Good // Scholar Sponsorship

This month Firefly is looking to the water.  Located on Ireland's north west coast Firefly, like the people of this region, is inspired by the Atlantic…

Firefly visit Medtech hub of United States

Martin McGeough of Firefly joins up with Enterprise Ireland trade mission to US mid-west. The trip focuses on developing connections between the regions MedTech companies and related Irish industry.

Claire Forbes visits Firefly

Claire Forbes, Jersey based podiatrist visits Firefly Orthoses where she picked up her new custom made foot orthoses.

Delrin: the high strength shell for ultra thin orthoses

We've added DELRIN® to our range of orthotic shell materials. DELRIN® offers compact density and high tensile strength to facilitate an ultra-thin orthotic.

Podiatric Sports Medicine Conference 2016 | London

Firefly Orthoses will be attending the forthcoming Podiatric Sports Medicine Conference at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, 2016.

Northern Ireland public holiday disrupts Firefly lead times

We wish to bring to your attention, the forthcoming public holiday in Northern Ireland will extend Firefly's lead times for all items in transit during…

Podopaediatrics Conference 2016, Birmingham.

Firefly Orthoses will be attending Podopaediatrics on July 1st. The event takes place at the Holiday Inn, Birmingham City Centre. Claire Carr will be attending the event for Firefly.

Firefly attend Foot Health 2016 | Kettering Conference Centre

Yes, yes, we're attending I-FAB 2016 in Berlin this week, but we're also maintaining our presence locally too! Firefly Orthoses is attending Foot Health…

FIREFLY attending i-FAB 2016, Berlin.

This week Firefly Orthoses will be attending the i-FAB conference in Berlin. The conference runs as part of Foot International 2016.

Podiatry at Plymouth University

Firefly Orthoses recently supported Plymouth University's promotion of their Podiatry degree. Find out more about the degree programme here.

Foot Health 2016 & other upcoming conferences

Keep up to date on all the conferences, events and expos Firefly Orthoses is attending this year, including the Foot International Conference in Berlin.

Firefly Orthoses closed for two dates in June

Please note, Firefly Orthoses will be closed on two dates during June 2016. Our offices will be closed on Friday, June 3rd and Monday, June 6th.

Alaa Razak visits Firefly Orthoses

Firefly Orthoses recently welcomed London based Podiatrist Alaa Razak to our offices and lab. Alaa is the latest Podiatrist to visit Firefly. If you are interested in visiting you'll find relevant information in this article.

High Heels hit the Headlines

As UK law, workplace dress codes and high heels collide, the Podiatry profession comes to the fore. Among all this Firefly Orthoses can offer a solution to the pain caused by high heels.

Guidelines for treating the Diabetic foot

Analysis of recent literature relating to diabetes has produced The Management of the Diabetic Foot: A clinical practice guideline by the Society for Vascular Surgery in collaboration with the American Podiatric Medical Association and the Society for Vascular Medicine in the United States.

Bartold Biomechanics Seminar

Firefly is attending the Simon Bartold Seminar on the final day of the 2016 College of Podiatry conference at the Lough Erne Resort in Co. Fermanagh.…

Firefly attending SCP Conference in Fermanagh

Firefly are attending the SCP Conference in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Martin, Greg, Maurya and Nicola are all there flying the flag.

Come visit Firefly Orthoses

Come visit Firefly on the beautiful north west coast of Ireland. Meet the staff and gain a fuller understanding of our products and services.

Firefly's Martin McGeough visits NUIG

Firefly Founder and Medical Director, Martin McGeough visited National University of Ireland, Galway's School of Health Sciences to guest lecture to Podiatric Medicine students.

Firefly attending conferences in Cork and Wales this weekend.

Firefly are attending conferences in Cork and Cardiff this weekend

SOLS RX: The Firefly Opinion

After concluding our SOLS RX trial programme, Firefly bring you an overview of the feedback collected regarding the prescription 3D printed custom made orthoses.

Firefly visits Fortius Sport & Health - Vancouver.

Firefly's Martin McGeough continues his North American adventure as he visits Fortius Sport & Health in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.

Firefly visits Canadian contract orthotic fabricator

Martin McGeough's North American tour moves north and into Canada where he's visiting more contract orthotic fabricators.

Firefly office hours during public holidays

Firefly's office will close over the forthcoming public holidays.

Firefly visits US contract orthotic fabricators

Firefly founder Martin McGeough continues his travels across the US. This week he's visiting contract orthotic fabricators.

Firefly @ AAOS Annual Meeting - Florida.

Firefly Orthoses are attending the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons Conference in Orlando.

Symposium: Bringing Legs to Life | Glasgow | June 7th

We wish to bring to your attention the forthcoming symposium Bringing Legs to Life at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. The symposium…

Reminder: SOLS by Firefly trial questionnaire

All Podiatrists taking part in the SOLS by Firefly trial have been issued a questionnaire to capture feedback on the product.  The questionnaire was delivered…

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Firefly Orthoses launch new website

Firefly Orthoses wish to present our new, innovative website. We're delighted to bring you a digital resource designed to offer greater insight in to our product range.

Firefly Launch SOLS at Annual Conference in Harrogate

Over 60 Podiatrists get to trial SOLS, the next generation 3D printed orthoses at Harrogate Conference.

Christmas Rush Order Deadline

All rush order requests must be made no later than Monday December 7th…

Experience SOLS Rx 3D Printed Orthoses at Harrogate

Register your interest in receiving complementary SOLS Rx Orthoses at the annual conference.

Hermitage Crowned T37 400m World Champion in Doha

Briton, Georgie Hermitage has broken her own world record to become the T37 400m World Champion at the IPC Athletics World Championships in Doha. Wearing…

An evening with Forensic Podiatrist Haydn Kelly & author Peter James

Firefly is sponsoring an evening hosted at Plymouth University | October 25th


Recently, on social media questions have been asked about the effect of technology on the Podiatry profession.

College of Podiatry Annual Conference 2015

With 6 weeks until the Conference in Harrogate, we at Firefly Orthoses are busy preparing for the event. At this year’s conference, we intend to give…

Richie Brace Dynamic Assist: Product Alteration Info

Product Update: Dynamic Assist Richie Brace Tamarack Hinge Alteration

SOLS, FIREFLY AND YOU: College of Podiatry Conference 2015

Are you interested in trialing SOLS 3D printed orthoses?

The Process of Making Custom Made Foot Orthoses – Casting to Fitting

We’ve received a number of requests from clinicians requesting info on the process of how Firefly design and manufacture custom-made orthoses. With this in mind, we’ve created an overview of the steps taken between casting a patient’s foot to fitting the finished orthoses.

Firefly Orthoses Website: An Education and Research Portal

At Firefly Orthoses we are all about crafting custom-made orthoses, but the world of foot orthoses never stands still (sorry for the pun). Research is…

Georgie Hermitage breaks her own 400m World Record

Firefly Orthoses wearer, Georgie Hermitage improves upon her 400-metre World Record at the IPC Grand Prix in London

2015 Podopaediatrics SIG Conference, Birmingham

Firefly's Technical Manager Ines Labberte will be attending this year's Podopaediatrics SIG Conference.

3D Printed Orthoses – The Firefly & SOLS Partnership

Firefly have partnered with SOLS to bring you 3D printed orthoses using Apple devices.

The Physio Matters Podcast featuring Podiatrist Ian Griffiths

Firefly Orthoses sponsors the most recent addition of The Physio Matters Podcast featuring an extensive interview with podiatrist Ian Griffiths.

Firefly Orthoses is Going Social

We're embracing social media here at Firefly and we'd encourage you to 'follow', 'like' and 'share' with us across our various platforms. We'll be posting…

Podiatric 3D Scanning Demonstration

We've packaged two videos of Firefly's medical director Martin Mc Geough demonstrating how accessible and hassle-free scanning equipment is to use in the…